¨Shadow Hunters Entry¨ #154 - The shadow of the mantis

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Muy buenos días queridos cazadores de sombras!

Feliz de estar nuevamente con ustedes en la ronda 154 de Cazadores de sombras compartiendo mi contenido que con mucho amor preparo semana a semana.

Aquí les dejo las bases para quienes deseen divertirse cazando sombras y participar en el concurso semanal:


Antes de comenzar quiero agradecer a los creadores de esta maravillosa comunidad y a todos los que dan apoyo para darle un atractivo especial a la comunidad y hacerla crecer cada vez más.

Gracias @melinda010100 por la invitación que semana a semana haces a todos los cazadores de sombras, que hace uso de nuestra creatividad e imaginación.

The great work they do week after week, bringing publications of great added value to HIVE, now expands with the Reflections Hunter Contest organized by @annephilbrick

We also ectend thanks to the different curators who reward the contents of this community, especially @ocd @ good-karma @ecency @taskmanager #archon @pixresteemer @ melinda010100 @annephilbrick @nelinoeva @shasta and @theycallmedan.


(Photo participant of the consurso)

Some time ago I found this praying mantis perched on the wall of my house. At that very moment I did not hesitate to get my camera and take a few shots without imagining the result I was going to get.


I was not only impressed by the level of detail of the anatomy of this small insect, but also by the effect achieved in the shadow of this animal, worthy of a horror movie.


It's not that I'm afraid of her, far from it, but just knowing that females kill the male after sex makes me look at her with a certain distance.

I leave a big hug to all of you and see you in another week of shadow hunting.

Original content of @pablo1601
Panasonic Lumix FZ150 camera


¡Grandes fotos de sombras y publicación! Esa es una sombra bastante aterradora, ¿no? ¡Recuerda pasar por la publicación del concurso y decirnos qué foto eliges para tu participación!

Thank you so much @melinda010100 for your words!

The praying mantis although it is a simple insect, when one sees it enlarged it is scary and its shadow is truly terrifying.

I'm modifying my post saying with which photo I participate in the 154th round of shadowhunters.


Hope to see a Reflection Contest entry from you, too!

Thank you so much @melinda010100!

I have already made my entry to the Reflection Contest.