My entry Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 153 - Dancing palms

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Good afternoon shadow hunters! How have you been on your hunt?

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Today has been a long day with some complications which has inspired some shadow hunting.

Complications with the car and the pandemic bandage have played a nasty trick on me.


In spite of all the complications and arriving at my destination 17 hours after leaving my house, this morning in the midst of the fatigue I was struck by the shadows of a palm tree that was dancing to the beat imposed by the strong wind.

It was there that it occurred to me that this could be my entrance of the week for the shadow hunter. As soon as I could, I grabbed my cell phone and fired a few shots with it in the midst of the embracing heat, capable of melting the soles of my shoes.


Although the day was long and difficult, it served as a source of inspiration for my entry to today's contest.

To continue hunting shadows

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These are lovely shadows! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!