How My Day Look Like After Work In Form Of Shadows

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Hello everyone!

So far, this is my third entry to this OCD COMMUNITY BOOST CONTEST. This week's contest is featuring Shadow Hunters Community and the theme for this week is, "Show Your Day In Shadows". To be honest, it was difficult for me to come up with this post, because, the only time I noticed the sun and also my shadows is when I am going home after school work. And most times on my way home, I am too tired and just want to get home, so, no time to take the pictures that I noticed. But then, I told myself, I have to participate once again on this wonderful initiative by OCD Community. Today, I will share some of the shadow images I took after the close of the days job. I didn't take much, but I really want to continue being active in this contest.


From the above images, you can noticed myself and my senior students walking home. Every closing hours, before I take a bike that will take me to my destination, we always walk together and gist about so many things. The topics we talk about as we walk home are always very interesting topics, often times about life in general, and to be honest, I have come to love walking with them for a while before taking a bike home. The discussions are always so fun that sometimes we will agree to bring them to class the next day so the class can also contribute to it. Other times, we discuss some of the things we will like to do during school hours the next day. It's now a tradition, we all walk home together everyday before everyone will take bikes to their different destinations.


From the above image, you can see me trying to dry my clothes on the line, after school, I always make sure I freshing up first, then dry my clothes I wore to School. That way, they don't get to smell before I will do my laundry. The moment I finish this, I quickly rush inside to sleep, my body need enough sleep so my mind can work well.

There you have it, the little part of my day I could capture, I honestly don't pay attention more to my shadows, Maybe from now on, I will do that so I can engage more in this community. It's nice knowing about the existence of this community all thanks to the OCD COMMUNITY BOOST CONTEST.

Thank You For Reading!



I would agree with you, walking with other people and talking about interesting subjects is really fun. Love your last shadow! It really looked cool It was like the shirt was floating hehe. Anyway, Have a great day and stay safe always!

That's just it, like you all are working and each person dropping different ideas to different things. It's really a great way to walk in group.
Thank you so much, it's nice having you stop by.

Even when you are tired you are good at Shadow Hunting! Thanks for entering the OCD Shadow Contest

Thank you for this wonderful comment. And I am glad I participated in this contest.

Also, thank you for the tip, you rock. ❤️❤️

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Alright, thanks

I really like the last photo and you were very creative in thinking and taking it.

Thank you so much, I love that one too. Thanks for stopping by.

Glad you enjoy taking photos of the shadows.

Thank you so much, it is my first try, well, I look forward to being more creative with it. Thank you for the points, I appreciate it.