Sint Maarten Shaded Shadows

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As we slide into the end of the second week in August, here in the USA our summertime is rapidly fading away...

img_0.48243469544121065.jpg it fading...


...into shades of black and white...


My delightful image was taken along the lovely Little Bay Beach at Divi Little Bay Beach Resort in Sint Maarten when I was there in 2019. How I dream about visiting the Caribbean Islands again.


This is my entry to the Show Me A Shadow - Round 131 #ShadowHunters #ShadowContest created by the lovely @melinda010100 and hosted this week by the talented @annephilbrick. Learn more about how to join the fun and be sure you add the link to your entry by clicking 👉 here

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8

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What awesome progression from full color, one color selection and muted yellow, and then finally to a monochromatic photo... and in all three, the shadows were striking! Excellent, @ninahaskin! And thanks for sharing ... you are so creative!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend, and take care lovely @ninahaskin 🥰🌺🤙

You're a real sweetheart for leaving such a positive comment, upvoting & the generous tip!
I'm glad you enjoyed the three edited versions of my beach shady shadows and how I wish I was back there again! Little did we know it would be a long time before we'd be traveling to the Caribbean again. Hope you're having a terrific week so far! @silversaver888☀️🏖

Lovely photo of carefree days, it's quite unbelievable how things all over the world have changed overnight!
At least we have these kinds of memories to hold on to. We're trying our best to still make the most of life but I really miss the close contact with friends and family as we still cannot visit each other, our lockdown has the most irrational regulations!

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 18 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you kindly! @pixresteemer💯

You have got a really beautiful picture here!
The shadows are dark and definite.
Have a great day ahead.

Thank you very much and sorry for the late reply! All the best to you the ladt part of tge week!🏖

Awesome watching your shadows fade and such lovely shadows ❤ @ninahaskin! :-)

Hey there!
Thanks for stopping by and thank you for the compliment! I just checked out your yummy raspberry post @Shasta 🍓🌿♥️

Hello dear friend @ninahaskin good afternoon
What beautiful photographs you present us, that place looks incredible, ideal to escape in these complicated days,
I love the edits of your images, beautiful shadows
have a wonderful weekend

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Lovely photos. I like them all but the first picture gave me a very relaxed feeling like I'm actually the one under those umbrellas enjoying the sea. Beautiful.

Thank you very much! @gems.and.cookies

That definitely was the feeling and illusion I was going for! Please have a seat on the chaise lounger and order up a beverage while we watch the waves on ocean break on the beach!🍹🏖☀️

Perfect! Can't think of anything better. 👌 😊 👌

Very clever!

Thank you, Paul!🏖