Double Vision for Shadow Hunters

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Hello, wonderful people!

It's time once again to get your entry in for the weekly Shadow Hunters Contest.

Hurry! You still can make it!


Right before my eyes were these wonderful double shadows cast upon the floor created from two sources of lighting cast upon the barstools.

Hope you enjoy the song I chose to go with my post - "Double Vision" by Foreigner


The shadows pop out better in the black and white edit above (my entry for this week's contest) and I couldn't resist throwing in the inverted image below.


This is my entry to the Show Me A Shadow - Round 141 #ShadowHunters #ShadowContest created by the lovely @melinda010100 and hosted this week by the talented @annephilbrick. Learn more about how to join the fun and be sure you add the link to your entry by clicking 👉 here

Images taken with Samsung Galaxy Note8 and editeed using Prismart

© 2020 Nina Haskin. All rights reserved

Stay safe and keep healthy.

We all are in this together!


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Welcome :)
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Oh yeah, the black and white version is my favourite of the two, too. Nice!

A fantastic and wonderful double chair shadow..!!
Thank you for participating in the shadow photo contest ~round 141.

Great shadow shot, and song, too! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest

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My pleasure! Thank you for the compliment and generous tip, Melinda! Glad you like the song choice too🎤🎶

I had withdrawal symptoms from not entering the Shadow Hunters Contest the past month and won't let that become a habit!😀

A wonderful photo, dear @ninahaskin!

Thank you very much!💕

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Hello dear friend @ninahaskin good night
What beautiful shadows you show us, I love how the light made the magic of the projection, thank you very much for showing us this beautiful photograph
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a positive comment. Your kinds words made me smile! @jlufer

Sorry I've not been able to be more active with visiting yours & other's posts. Been some major things popping up to deal with requiring my immediate attention regarding my mother's heart.

Have a great rest of the week!💓

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Cool effect. The first one almost has a Halloween feel to it.

Yes, I saw that too. To me, the last image has the most Halloweenish effect about it.

Great of you to stop by, Paul!

Hope you guys have a Happy Halloween up North! @old-guy-photos🧡👻🖤

Nice job, very cool shadows.