Distorted Reflections

in Shadow Hunterslast month

A brand new contest in Shadow Hunters Community has just started - Reflection Hunters Contest
hosted by @annephilbrick. Check it out for the rules and join us in the search of reflections.

Thinking what to choose for this first round I decided to go with reflections on the windows and these particular ones I saw in Bangkok. The huge glass facade of Iconsiam Mall reflects the buildings on the other side of the bank and the river. The queer windows distort the images but they do not loose their impressive appearance.


The mall is huge and this is just a fragment of its facade.




The garden with the lush green is ideal place to rest and enjoy the view of the skyscrapers and other buildings along with the boats on the river.


Please do not consider this post as an entry. It is to support the contest and spread the word. I am sure it will become popular and successful and will attract community members to search for reflection, not only for shadows. Also I hope to see new faces in our Shadow Hunters Community.

Wish you all good luck and happy reflection hunting!


Thank you for viewing.

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Fantastic! I love that.

Thank you!
It is a place worth seeing.

Fantastic examples of reflections and a great post to help get the word out about @annephilbricks new contest!
Thanks for all you do for the Shadow Hunters Community!

Thank you Melinda! ❤
I hope to see many entries here.

Thank You so very...very much for your support
Most Dearly and greatly appreciated
Wow..🤗 !
Fantastic and amazing Reflections...!!

Most welcome dear @annephilbrick! ❤
It is my pleasure to give small support to the contest.

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That is a beautiful maze of reflection they look like paintings just beautiful 👍

Thank you! I love reflections on buildings and these were just awesome and worth sharing.

Reflections in building can really look awesome.

I noticed you haven't enter you link or photo under the contest comments ?

My post is only to support the contest and to spread the word, not as an entry.

Oh....ok understand now 😉