My Entry for Shadoe Hunters Contest - 153

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Hello all Shadow Hunters...
This is my entry for the Shadow Hunters Contest.
Shadow Hunters is a initiative by @melinda010100

Here is my entry...


Presenting the another click.


It was sunday so as usual it was a lazy start of day (lazy sunday). On other days of week we are always in hurry as I have lots of work to complete before my kid workup.

I was sitting in the sofa and saw this shadow on the wall.

Let me shown you the source of the shadow.


We are living in ground floor and it is a shadow of grill from safety door.

The sun rays are reflecting from the windows of car and created the shadow of the grill on wall... amazing (comlpicated also lol),
Imagine the light rays from the Sun traveled to the earth and after striking on the glass window of the car parked outside the home, reflected and create tghe grill shadow on wall.

When I was cliking the picture my partner showed his had in-between and then we have the below click.....

Scary hand


I ask my partner to create something else (show me some

So let me present you the Titoo - the creater of watet (imaginary)...


He is finaly able find his bettet half...


Both lives together ❤ happily....

Shadow Heart ❤


To know more about the contest please check this link

Let me know in comment if you like the lovely shadow story of Titoo ......

Thanks for reading the post.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 39 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!


Great shadows and a delightful shadow love story! ♥️ Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!