Shadow Photo Contest - Round 104 - 2 year anniversary of great shadows// Concurso de fotografía de sombras - Ronda 104

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My entry for the shadow photography contest from @melinda010100

It is a celebration of its second anniversary

Show Me Two Shadows OR the Number Two

Mi entrada para el concurso de fotografía de sombras de @melinda010100

Es una celebración de su segundo aniversario.
Muéstrame dos sombras o el número dos

Dawn between 2 buildings.

Night light shadow over the buildings ...

Amanecer entre 2 edificios.

Sombra de luz nocturna sobre los edificios ...

Photo taken with my ZTE phone.

Foto tomada con mi teléfono ZTE.

If you wish to participate, find the instructions here

Si desea participar, encuentre las instrucciones aquí

Thank you for visiting and supporting my participation.

Gracias por visitar y apoyar mi participación.

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What a beautiful photo! The sky between the buildings is amazing!

I'm glad you like it!
I really wasn't sure I had achieved something suitable for the contest.
I take to share.
Thanks for the contest. I love.