Sparkly and Shiny : Shadow Photo Contest- Round 121

in Shadow Hunters8 months ago

An empty bottle was left out to dry before it was to be bundled into the recycling bag for plastics.
It was a very sunny morning when I was greeted by this shadow with a beautiful shine where the bottle was drying. I could not resist. It was my shadow photo for this week :)


It was just so shiny and sparkly :)


Who would have thought there's a sparkly shiny beauty in an empty bottle?

This is my entry to @melinda010100's Shadow Hunters Contest Round 121.

I am a happy supporter of #featheredfriends too:


Thank you for reading my post 😊


Great shadow shot! Isn't it fun when you find an unexpected shadow like that? Nicely done! ❤️

Thank you @melinda010100! It was fun! Very unexpected :) <3

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