Plant pot sash : Shadow Photo Contest- Round 115

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I was on my way to the office that day, before all the lockdown craziness, when I saw this at the lift waiting area. The morning sun was strong. And with the morning sun shining, and the shadow of the glass door that had a sticker across the door, cast upon the pot, it looked like a sash on the plant pot.

A pot beauty pageant maybe or perhaps a pot on guard? :)

This is my entry to @melinda010100's Shadow Hunters Contest Round 115.

I am a happy supporter of #featheredfriends too:


Thank you for reading my post 😊


Great shoot, I like this photo. Beautiful shadow

Thank you very much for your appreciation @stefano.massari :)

A beauty contest! I love it. Great shadow shot!

Hehe.. yes! A beauty contest. Thank you @melinda010100!

Nice photo!!

Thank you @rynow!