Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 17 - Hat Head Town.

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A few weeks back we took a drive to Hat Head town National Park, it's about a three hour drive from Byron Bay we were going down to visit some friends for the weekend to do a bit of barbecuing and fishing. Hat Head town is a very small unspoilt town a little hidden gem between the Pacific Ocean and the Korogoro Creek, it's a small very friendly community, the town is known for it's beautiful surf beaches, great bushwalking trails through the national park and excellent rock fishing, here you can enjoy the tranquility, peacefulness and extreme beauty of this beautiful town. Also great camping areas under the night sky full of stars.

Just looking at this sunset, fishing of the rocks you can feel the peacefulness of Hat Head town.





Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 17 by @annephilbrick


The place is beautiful, suitable for fishing, but the more beautiful is the photos taken, it is very beautiful.😊😊😊😊

Thank you for your lovely words @paopaoza it really is a awesome place to visit 😊

I hope to see beautiful photos of each place you have visited again.👍😊😊

It will be my pleasure and hope to see more lovely photos from you of Thailand 😊

Of course!😊😊

Cheers looking forward to them 👍

It is a small but very beautiful place. ☺️☺️

It really is thank you for dropping by @muaynoi 😊


Let me just say WOW! Stunning photos @kohsamui99!! I can imagine how you must've felt to witness such an amazing sunset! Excellent entry!! 💖

Thank you @deerjay it was stunning watching it un-fold just sitting there by the rocks left me in awe 😨

You're very welcome! I would feel the same and appreciate you sharing it here! 💕

Fantastic and beautiful Reflection photos..!!

Thank you @annephilbrick 😊

Lovely silhouettes and a beautiful sunset reflection

Thank you @melinda010100 😊

Certainly worth the drive to Hat Head Town, which by the way I have never ever heard of before. But so nice @kohsamui99 to learn about new places all the time.

We do have a few hidden gems in our backyard. I probably would not have know about it either only that a friend of my lives there.

Since it's OZ, I have to assume there is always a slight risk a croc might just snatch that fishermen for a light snack.

Haha, not in all parts of OZ here more like the Seagulls will snatch your fish 🤣