Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 1

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On my USA tour over a year ago i made my way over to Danville town in California were my cousin and his wife are living i had planned to stay a few months in the USA as i wanted to travel around and explore as many canyons and national parks and do some hiking with him and his wife , i must say his wife was one amazing brave fit hiker nothing scared her she was up for any challenge my cousin and myself actually found it a little bit hard to keep up with her but we tried not to show that side of ourselves her determination and bubbliness just kept us tracking on 😉



This one place in Navada the refreshing fresh water Lake Tahoe was one of my highlights on my touring and hiking around USA. Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada Mountains stretches from the boarder of Nevada back across to the boarder of California it's a very beautiful , quiet, relaxed, back to nature experience hiking the trails along Lake Tahoe the wildlife was amazing seeing it rattling through the bushes and the scent of the pine trees made the whole hiking trip so pleasant the water in the lake was so clean i couldn't stop drinking it this was one hike i will never forget.




Reflection Hunters Contest - Round 1 - hosted by @annephilbrick






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Thank you @ecency 👍

Absolutely...Beautiful,sublime and amazing Reflections and photography
@kohsamui99 !!!
I would love to be able to travel and visit Lake Tahoe.
🤗Amazing Nature🌞

Thank you @annephilbrick for your kind words , keep your dream alive you never know you could find yourself there some day 😉

I would love to find myself there..!!! Some amazing hiking and landscape views.
I much enjoy and prefer being in the great outdoors🌲🦋🐝💞.

And me to i am really starting to miss my traveling i normally travel overseas at least once a year sometimes twice but it looks like this year could be out of the question always let's see what happens fingers crossed that we defeat this dirty little virus 🙏

Absolutely beautiful!

Thank you @silversaver888 😉

This is stunning. Reflections on the water are perfect.

I see you keep on your footer eSteem, but it changed long ago to Ecency.

Thank you @nelinoeva and thank you for pointing that out i must find the new ones then for Ecency 👍