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Hello everybody,

Grateful to @melinda010100 for hosting this awesome Shadow Contest and the judge @annephilbrick plus of course the sponsors @goodkarma at @ecency @pixsteemer @taskmanager # archon.

My entry is this tree which can be found inside the new Carcar City Hall building lower ground, I snapped 3 weeks ako when I went to the assesor's office. I do not know what kind of tree is this, that gives shade to the area or like an umbrella.


Thanks for dropping by...



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Wonderful shadow photo of a beautiful shade tree..!!
Thank you for participating in the Shadow Photo Contest.

That is a great tree shadow! And a really lovely photo! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest

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how are you dear friend @ jurich60 good day
happy beginning of the week, what beautiful shades that you present to us today, this was a good find and an excellent hunt
I really appreciate that you let us know
I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful week. Successes