Shadow Hunters Contest Round # 173: In the Shadow of the Mills

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Indelible, like the immortal shadow of the ingenious knight, Don Quixote de la Mancha, the shadow that the blades produce on the clear and white base of the main body of the mill, are like a wake-up call to the eternity of the moment.


An instant, then, stopped in time, which could be supposed to remind all lovers of literature and fantasy of the temporary repose of those powerful giant arms that made the dust bite at the beginning of their lives crazy adventures, the heroic Cervantes knight and today the favorite and singular son of a very special corner of that aptly named Magic Spain: La Mancha.


In short, and as Cervantes would say: Imagination to Power.


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Happy Sunday, my friend


What a wonderful country Spain is. ♥️

Spain is a country with very picturesque places that are worth visiting. Thank you very much for your comment.

What fantastic shadow shots! I love those windmills, even if no one is tilting at them! Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest again.

Thank-you very much, @melinda010100

Interesting building, looks very old :)

Actually it is. It must be between five and four hundred years old and is a symbol of a very special place in my country: La Mancha. Thank you for your comment and kind regards.

You're very welcome :)

Thanks for sharing more information about it.

My pleasure, friend.

mill shadows, ancient shadows, shadows in the light haha
shadows chasing themselves with the wind
happy Saturday

Or also, shades of giants, as the good gentleman would say, Don Quixote de la Mancha. Happy Saturday