Shadow Hunters Contest Round # 171: Museum Shadows

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Museums, metaphorically speaking, could be perfectly considered as genuine time capsules, which bring together a series of wonderful objects from all times and places, capable by themselves of awakening all kinds of feelings in the viewer.


It is true, on the other hand, that the lights, the spotlights and the inserts that protect these objects on many occasions, are not the best allies when it comes to allowing brilliant photographs to be taken.


But, curiously, these same drawbacks are nevertheless allies when it comes to locating the shadows that these objects cast, either the floors or the walls of the different rooms that house them.


An example of this are these beautiful, delicate and invaluable pieces, called ‘Nautilus Cups’, the work of the 16th century Flemish artist, Cornelius Floris, which are exhibited in the Permanent Collection of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.


NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property and therefore are subject to my Copyright. Regarding the photographs, as has been said in the post, they belong to the Permanent Collection of the aforementioned Thyssen Museum, they were made with consent and no conditions were set for use.






Qué bellas obras de arte y qué buenas fotos de sus sombras pudiste hacer sacando ventaja de la luz y los elementos que no te favorecían para el otro tipo de fotos!

Indeed, it is not easy to take good photographs of many of the works that are exhibited, at least as a whole, although the details are another thing, especially when it comes to canvases and those at least can be captured quite well. But nevertheless, for shadows, such spotlights are usually very useful. Regards and thanks for your comment.

Museum lighting often casts the most interesting shadows. I'm glad you noticed these marvelous shadows! ❤️

Make no mistake about it, dear @ melinda010100. In reality, she was not looking precisely for shadows, but for certain artistic details of certain paintings and authors, of which I intend to prepare a small essay on mysteries in Art. But you see, shadows and reflections are the order of the day. Thank you very much for your comment.

que buenas sombras , los museos son especiales

Los museos siempre son especiales y además, detalle que hay que tener en cuenta, un universo de detalles. Feliz día