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Just on single shadow on the beach of the province of Zeeland in the Netherlands. I love to see the different colors of the sand and the diffrent textures. Should i cut a bit of at the bottom of the picture? Witch on you think is better?
breakwateronthebeachzeelanddrone 1.jpg


Shot this picture with my DJI Mavic pro 2, an awesome machine!


Whoa... terrific shadow!!!!

Thanks :D

I see aerial views only on planes which is very much diminished this year, much more of shadows.

Haha i want to travel to:p but this way i stil can enjoy the views :D

I've got to get me those drones!
Are they expensive?

They cant be, also got cheap once but i recomand a DJI. They come in different price range.


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I truly love your drone shadow photos! I think the trimmed 2nd photo puts more emphasis on the lines of sand, but either way it is an excellent photo!

To bad he didn't walk more on the darker part of the beach :p