Shadow Hunters Contest - 154

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Hello all Hive peoples and Shadow Hunters

I love to participate in different contests and Challenge on Hive blockchain...
This gives the exposer to meet other peoples and engage with new people.

Shadow Hunters.....
Shadow Hunters is a weekly contest initiative by @melinda010100
Here is my entry...

This week I am sharing some shadow pictures of Shadow Heart.....

So here isbthe click photo......


I have tried to create a heart with shadow and upto some extend it was a success. The click shows the two hearts one inside the another.

The below picture is sigle shadow heart.


The below picture shows the technique I used. You can see a ring placed at mid of a book. The light source from the mobile flash creats a beautiful heart shadow.


In the right side of the picture you can see a ring (kid wear itbin her arm). I thought to use it also to create the double heart shadow.

Photo clicked with small chnage in angel of light source...


hoto clicked with small chnage in angel of light source (other side)...


Some time the light souce angle change create a decent shaows.

Below picture shows the complete setup. You can shee the two rings and the book.


To know more about the contest please click here

A special thanks to @good-karma and @ecency ,
@pixresteemer , @taskmanager and #archon for support.

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Such an innovative thought. Good luck for the contest 👍🏻

Thanks dear..

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