My Shadow Hunters Contest Entry - Round 173 by @melinda010100 | My Niece Ling2x's Shadow Alongside the River

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Hello Hivers and All Shadow Hunters!!!

It's has been a while since I've joined this amazing contest by @melinda010100 the Shadow Hunters now on it's 173 edition. Now I decided to join for I find this contest is really good to develop my photography skills. Now here is my Newest Entry | Featuring a My Niece Ling2x's Shadow that I captured using my NOKIA 7 Pro when we were at the river.


I really like the way I captured here though it is just stolen.

To anyone who would like to join this awesome #shadowhunters
contest by @melinda010100
Round 173, you can find the rules here. CLICK HERE.


Thanks to @kennyroy for
the animated GIF.

To God be the Glory!!!


Nice one cute ni Lingling,I remembered my bff with the same name.

Heheheh, cute jud kaayo ate...

It has been a long time since you posted a shadow photo! Welcome back!

Yes, it's been a while and I am happy to be back. Thank you for the warm welcome again here. God Bless!!!