My Shadow Hunters Contest Entry - Round 137 by @ @melinda010100 | Bontit and the reflected shadow.

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Hello, Hivers and All Shadow Hunters!!!

This will be my newest entry for the Shadow Hunters Contest by @melinda010100 which is in Round 137.

I thank God and to @melinda010100 for initiating this contest and also to this community. Featured now is the shadow was reflected my neighbour's dog 🐕 named "Bontit" in which he is sitting down over the firewood while waiting for my dog 🐩.


Early this morning, as I go out of my house I saw Bontit sitting down over the firewood and it is really funny. Thinking why he is there, after I while I realized he is just waiting for my dog who is a girl named Bem-bem. I think they love each other. 🐕 🐩

So, I decided to capture a photo of Bontit while sitting down then I noticed that there was shadow reflected him from the tree that is in front of my house.

To anyone who would like to join this awesome #shadowhunters
contest by @melinda010100
Round 137, you can find the rules here. CLICK HERE


Thanks to @kennyroy for
the animated GIF.

To God be the Glory!!!


The wonderful tree shadow photo on Bontit makes him look even more handsome.
Most Delightful photo🐩💕🐕
Thank You for entering the Shadow Photo contest.

What a fun shadow photo! A boy waiting for his sweetheart! ❤️ Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest!

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Awww... doggie sooo cute.
Love the picture and the shadows here.
Have a great day ahead.