My Shadow Hunters Contest Entry - Round 135 by @ @melinda010100 | | The Shadow of Uncommon Red Insect

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Hello, Hivers and All Shadow Hunters!!!

This will be my newest entry for the Shadow Hunters Contest by @melinda010100 which is in Round 135.

I thank God and to @melinda010100 for initiating this contest and also to this community. Featured now is the shadow that I captured the uncommon red insect who currently landed on my arms.


Early this morning, I've visited my small farm but as I was about to sit down to my waiting shed, an insect flown unto my arms and at the time I saw it, it was really uncommon kind of insect. It is the first time I saw it but it looks very cute. I captured it with it's shadow.

To anyone who would like to join this awesome #shadowhunters
contest by @melinda010100
Round 135, you can find the rules here. CLICK HERE


Thanks to @kennyroy for
the animated GIF.

To God be the Glory!!!


That is an unusual insect! It certainly has long legs. Good job noticing the Shadow. Thanks for entering the Shadow Contest

Thank you again..

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Well it does look cute.
I’ll still be yelling my head off if it ever sat on my hand.
From me,a person who is dead scared of insects, Good Job capturing a wonderful picture. 😂
Have a great day ahead.

Have a great day too. Thanks for dropping by 😇