"Shadow Hunters Contest Entry" - Just A Fly

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This is my entry in the Shadow Hunters Contest which is hosted by @melinda010100! You can learn more about the Shadow Hunters Contest and how to enter HERE!

Just a reminder that the emphasis is on the shadow and not so much the subject! You will understand why I remind you of that as I present to you this lowly fly! Yep ... just a fly! Naturally, I chose to do some edits including this first photo which is my entry.


I think I will show all of my edited photos first and then I will show you my mostly terrible original photos at the end of my post. I think you will understand why I decided to leave the originals last when you see them and also I wanted to attempt to make the fly a little less yucky looking with my edits and I'm not saying that I was even successful in trying ... lol!



I believe this particular fly is known as a Flesh Fly. Flesh Flies do not lay eggs to hatch but instead deposit the hatching or hatched maggots that have already hatched or have begun hatching within their own bodies. I know ... gross! They will deposit them in other gross things like dung and even open wounds in animals which is why they are known as Flesh Flies. I know ... still gross!



I just happened to see this large fly on a truck cap that is in my back yard. As the sun was shining on the truck cap the fly gave off a very nice shadow. I only had my phone camera on me so my photos of the fly weren't the best but the shadow wasn't so bad.



So, there you have it! Just a fly and its shadow!


As promised, here are the original photos and, remember, it's all about the shadow! 😉 😁


Thank you @melinda010100 for the Shadow Hunters Contest and thank you also to all of the sponsors and guest judges!!
All photos and text by me @deerjay. All rights reserved.



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 41 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!

Thank you so much @pixresteemer!! 😘

Sorry, out of BEER, please retry later...

Haha Dee that fly’s shadow looks like he’s a monster from the black Lagoon. :)

Great shadow and edits 💕


Thanks so much Jo!! Lol..that is a good comparison so thanks for that laugh too! 😂


Thank you very much @nikv!! 😊

What a awesome shadow it looks like the big Bogeyman in the forest 😆

Thank you so much @kohsamui99!! Ha ha..that's so funny and accurate! 😂😊

I did have a good laugh about that one nicely captured 😆

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Thank you @ecency!! 💖

I have never seen such a shadow from a fly! Those legs are incredible! Great capture and I love your edits! ♥️ That may be more info about Flys than I care to think about, though! 🤢

Thanks so much Melinda! I thought it was a weird looking one so I looked it up. I had to keep reminding myself .. it's all about the shadow..lol. 😉

how are you dear friend @deerjay good afternoon
You are very creative, you have made quite an art exhibition from a photograph of a fly. Excellent work, congratulations
I really appreciate that you let us know this beautiful collection
have an excellent afternoon

Hi @jlufer and thank you very much!! The fly left me no choice..lol. Hope your day was an excellent one as well! 🙂

Wow, what a good work you did with this shadow, @deerjay. Seeing the shadow without seeing the animal that originates it is disconcerting since it seems something else. I loved it. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you very much @sayury!! 💖