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As I mentioned at the end of my last Shadow Hunters post, that I published 12 hours ago, I went for a walk along the sea shore soon after publishing the post ... and I was there, on the coast, about 7 kilometers from my home, for reasons that have nothing to do with shadows ... but then ...


... the shadows entered the scene ... and I just had to publish another shadow themed post, while the shots and the whole situation is still fresh and kind of easily linked to the previous post.
Both these posts are not contest entries, so I hope that publishing two shadow posts, so close one to another will not be a problem. I mean, I can't see a better community to publish a post like this.


I was there with a bunch of friends, and while I was photographing some flies and mosquitoes in the nearby salty pond surrounded by some of them, another friend took a little knife, and started picking limpets on the coastal rocks, to make a seafood dinner later. The tide was low, and she picked a nice quantity ... and then, when I decided to put the moment on photograph ...


... those shadows entered the scene ... and stole the show ... at first were only two, and then when we noticed that shadows look like the main protagonists of the shot ... another one was added, as you saw on the opening photograph. And that's it, as always the photographs are my work.


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A second entry!

It is true , I am reading and looking but I focus more on the shadows, I think there are 3, one without hair, another of a middle age and the last one seems much younger, the brain works together with vision, then I will look at other comments here at see if the same happens to them, obviously with your permission, it's just curiosity.

:) Good observation.

You, my friend, can post into the Shadow Hunters Community as often as you like! And unless I run out of voting power you always have my vote. I have never eaten limpets.
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Cool. :), thanks.

another friend took a little knife, and started picking limpets on the coastal rocks, to make a seafood dinner later

That is amazing. You walk outside and find dinner in the sand. Are you going to pick mushrooms on the way home, to complete the meal? :)

Hehe ... we didn't see any mushrooms that day ... but we picked quite a few green plants :) winter is great season for those ... some taste exactly like spinach, some are bitter but in a good way, some are very aromatic and mint - like, some are wild onions and taste like onions ... great free food

A typical easy meal after a seaside walk is - fried limpets with wild onion and few others self seeding spice + a mix of green plants prepared like spinach with potatoes ... or without the potatoes.

:) :) :)