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There is a shadow theater in my house, near the main entrance, and I discovered it some weeks ago when I published a post about it. It appears in the late afternoon, as the sun is slowly setting down, and every Shadow show has about half an hour before the theater moves outside the house and disappears in the garden.


This time I started with the candle. It was at hand, it looked good ... and so, after this first, opening shot ...

IMG_6207 malo.jpg

... I lit the thing ...

IMG_6188 ORIGIGY malo.jpg

... to see what the fire can bring to a shadow play.


It looked pretty cool, especially in motion. The flame created some sort of ghostly, transparent shadow ... or projection, that danced above the still black shadow of the candle.

IMG_6194 ORIGIGI malo.jpg

Here I caught it in the form of an almost perfectly shaped question mark. I don't remember observing this kind of shadows before, so it was a pretty exciting experience.

IMG_6181 malo.jpg

After the candle ...

IMG_6225 malo.jpg

... I found a small basket made of some natural plant material.

IMG_6210 malo.jpg

This object created a very decorative and sophisticated shadow. And then ...

IMG_6215 malo.jpg

... I created this ... with my hand ...

IMG_6216 malo.jpg

... and the shell of the Abalone snail.

IMG_6217 malo.jpg

I often find these small shells, shiny on the other side, during the summer ... and rarely resist the compulsion to pick them and bring them home ... where then I forget about them, until an occasion like this one arises.

IMG_6218 malo.jpg

A friend came for a visit one day around Christmas, and he brought his son with him ... we had a lot of fun with small firework stuff and the kid gave me these marbles before they left ... so I took them to make the shadow on this shot.

IMG_6224 malo.jpg

I found these old sunglasses in some drawer that I rarely open.

IMG_6222 malo.jpg

I expected a shadow ... but what appeared on the wall was more like the projection ... a realistic, colored image of the object.

IMG_6223 malo.jpg

I had a lot of fun with all this stuff ... but after the sunglasses I didn't know what else to use for this post ... so, with nothing else at hand ...

IMG_6226 malo.jpg

... I used my hand. I was contorting my fingers to see what will appear on the wall ...

IMG_6228 malo.jpg

... and the fun continued.

IMG_6229 malo.jpg

Here is a fairly typical rabbit - shaped shadow.

IMG_6231 malo.jpg

Here is ... I don't know ... something ... and on the following shot ...

IMG_6232 malo.jpg

.... you can see ... something else.

IMG_6233 malo.jpg

Here is yet another incarnation of my hand ...

IMG_6237 malo.jpg

... followed by something else ... and with this handiwork ...

IMG_6234 malo.jpg

... is time to end this shadow play.

IMG_6235 malo.jpg

As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.



I used to play shadow as a child and this was one of my favorites .

but I never did this one because my mother would throw the flip-flop on my head ha,ha, ha,

A hug mate


You are playing with shadows. After all really amazing photography by @borjan

क्या बात हैं 👌👌बेहत खूबसूरत


This can be a spider... with some missing legs 😜

:D True, an old spider with many accidents behind him.


Fantastic, as always!

Thank you :)

How are you dear friend @borjan good afternoon
You are very creative in everything you do, you always pleasantly surprise us with your publications, here there is a lot of creativity and beautiful images of shadows. Success dear friend
have an excellent afternoon

Thanks :)

Thanks so much for including all of us in the fun you had with your Shadow Theater! The candle flame shadows are quite fascinating and the hand shadows are such fun!
As always, this is a delightful post!

Thanks :)