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I spent some time in the city today, in the morning ... and when it came time to return home, I drove the longer way back, along the country lane that passes by quite a few villages before reaching the place where I live.


The day was pretty warm, and is even warmer now ... I got thirsty, so I stopped in the village called Valtura to buy me a drink in the small grocery store near the main square. I parked the car by the church, and while walking to the store across the square, I noticed plenty of shadows all around me ... so I took this shot, and decided to explore the area around the church in search for more shady details ...


... and I found some. This shadow - pole with the shadow - wire intersecting the elegant architectural element that once was a portal or a window ...


... tall cypresses were casting their shadows at the edge of the scene.


I liked the simple shadow on this small window ...


... and another shadow - wire above it.


The extreme minimalism of the wire looked kinda cool also as a standalone thing.


Last year someone built a modern looking villa near the church, with some mirror glass elements, so I was able to catch also one reflection for this post. The old entered the new on this photograph.


Here you can see the entire church, a pretty elegant piece of architecture built in the year 1899. After this shot I bought some apple juice, and drove home.
As always in these posts on HIVE, the photographs are my work.


Very cool, I like the look of that church. Interesting how the paint has faded over the years

Great photo. Liked the combination of old and new in the reflection photo. Yes, and the last photo of the church looks very good.

Hi @ borjan,the shadows look very good, the tree casts the shadow on the church in the last photograph it gives the impression of protection to the wall, I like how it looks because of the shape it has, and the window is already covered, it's as you say, there there was a window, hope you enjoyed your apple juice.
A happy saturday

Very nice shadow and reflection! This is a very nice and quiet place for walking around. The church looks quite old. There’s so much history and forgotten in this area. I could imagine many knights on horse backs riding along these quiet roads!

Be careful you might drive into one of these ghostly knights! LoL

:D There should be a traffic sign for knights on the road!

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Does anyone live there? The stresst is empty! 😁

Cool photos by the way! Do also take photos of food? Coz I love looking at different kinds of food photography too and am always on a look out for new dishes I can make for my recipe blog. 🤗

Not many people in that small village :) and since there is not much to do in the center, just one small grocery store, is often empty.
I rarely cook something worth photographing :D, but I like to watch food photographs here on HIVE and read recipes.

I see, small villages are nice, more peaceful and less... Drama? Hehe

Hmmm...A peanut butter sandwich will do 😅