Shadow Hunters Contest- Round 142. Game of shadow

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A pleasure to continue with the #Shadowhunter challenge, is in my entry to the contest coordinated by @melinda010100. It consists of capturing the shadow of the object.

Climbing play structures have fun making his figure on the floor together with the girl.
Estructuras de juegos para escalar se divierte haciendo su figura en el piso junto con la niña.

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on this funny shadow.

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Fantastic and fun shadow photos...!
So lovely and joyful to see
children creating and having fun with their shadows 🤗.
Thank you for participating in the shadow photo contest ~Round 142.

Thank you, a fun time was taken advantage of in the shade.

You have a delightful shadow helper! Thanks for entering!

hahaha! @ melinda10100. She indirectly participates in the shadow challenge. He likes to look for them, it's like you say my assistant.

I am delighted when hunting for shadows becomes a way that children can participate in Hive! ❤️

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

what an adorable shadow :)

Thank you, @jznsamuel
It's fun to get my daughter involved.

how are you dear friend @amanda good night
What funny images, you are very creative when capturing those beautiful shadows
have a splendid night

Hello, @jlufer distinguished friend.
Very good days.
Thank you for your words of encouragement and recognition.
Have a respectful commentary style.

At first I thought the kid is holding the ring but in second pic change my thoughts....
Best of luck...

Thanks everything is a matter of perception.

Greetings! @mk992039

We are considering something new with an additional contest to involve children in Shadow Hunters. Would you allow us to use the 2nd image that you posted in our contest announcement post?

With pleasure friendly community. Count on it and thank you for acknowledging my work.

Thanks! If we decide to go ahead with the contest next week you will of course get photo credit!