Dark or light façade?

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color change 3d.png


The last picture depicts the real mess which is created while planning in autocad. The purpose was to show how many attempts are made to complete a single drawing.

Anyways, this was project of an office building, it's ongoing. My college professor involved me in this project, I took part in making elevations and a 3d view, actually two of them. I personally loved the darker one but mam loved the lighter one, we are in huge dilemma for which one to select, Can you guys help by your suggestions, it would be great to have multiple point of views.

text dividerr-01.jpg


Dilemmas are a natural part of our challenging industry! As architects and designers, we are highly trained problem-solvers and are used to encountering confusing scenarios and issues requiring our immediate decisions on a daily basis. Hence, no need to worry much when tricky situations escalate. It's part and parcel of the game!

Both of your building proposals are excellent in their architectural design and aesthetic appeal! About your choice for a lighter or darker tone for the exterior facade, here are my thoughts. If you want to block more heat from the sun and the scorching weather outside plus save on energy costs, lighter tones are proven to do a better job at deflecting hotter temperatures. On the other hand, darker tones and colors tend to absorb more heat and make the surrounding surfaces and materials increase in their temperature as well. Hope that helps @praditya.

The heat absorption of the darker tone is a great point.

Thanks for understanding the dilemma sir.
and yes I understood what you are saying about the uses of darker or lighter tones, I shall apply them practically.

Happy to help! You can call me Erne.


Amazing work Praditya! It is so true haha, so many revisions to get to the final drawing. The file folder ends up expanding as the project moves forward and by the time you reach the construction stage so many versions have been made.

They're both good. The lighter one is a bit more feminine so I am not surprised when you mentioned Mam preferred it. I'm usually a fan of a lighter shade of wood but in this case, the darker shade has more presence due to the contrast. The dark version is more masculine.

Thank you @discoveringarni mam, you liked the darker shade more, now I can show mam that I have one vote for darker one. Haha!
Barely people understand how hard it is to go through final stage in architectural field because of which it is so underrated in my country. It feels great when people understand.

Either way, they're both good since you have already done both renders. Then it's time to change all of the callouts in the drawing, specs, and the bill of quantities if they're already done.😱 Just call me Arni by the way 🙂

Sure :)

I guess I will prefer the light. :)

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