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I thought I would interrupt the regular building update as I've continued to have construction issues with the neighbours and builders and I wanted to provide a bit of an uplifting post to showcase the area that I live in and its modern beauty.

Caroline Springs in Melbourne's West was a developers blank canvas developed just over 10 years ago it was a government/private partnership and one of the first of it's kind for its time. The government tried its hand at allowing developers to come in and design a liveable city.

Alot of community backlash occured at the time with many disagreeing with allowing developers to build a city and it was anticipated that it would be over priced, costs cut and a poor outcome.


I have to admit I had my doubts but the private public partnership has had its benefits with the way it has been planned and developed. What we have are zones such as education, activity, employment, retail, recreation, entertainment and they're all linked through green Wedges and bike paths with beautiful water ways and scenery to keep the whole family active.


We call this little section the "desert" it's a small patch of sand with native Australian drought tolerant plants, grasses and other iconic Australian scenery. Behind it is my favourite soccer club 🤣

There are walking paths that are open enough to see any nasties such as snakes and scorpions although our scorpions are only small and not so much venomous, they don't really sting humans unless agitated. I've held many a scorpion and never been stung.


The style introduced by the developers is modernist architecture which incorporates new building technologies that not only provide technological advancements but also a focus on concrete, glass and steel and each design serves a purpose. Similarly to functionalism where each building was built for its purpose. Modernist is similar but also incorporates minimalism so more the building is the feature rather than having columns and ornamental designs and fixtures.

The above image is of the local sporting club which incorporates this design in its structure which also serves a purpose not only is the building stylish it has increased energy ratings due to the curves, materials used and colouring. Attached is the footy field, cricket club, basketball, netball and even a swim school around the back of the facility. A one stop shop for all your community needs.


The training cricket nets are blended into the natural look and field of the ground giving the appearance of not being there or ment to be there and don't look like the old style cages with cement floor and ugly. These cages beautifully fit in with the surrounding area.


Alot of open green space is provided for people to walk around, have picnics and enjoy the outdoors where previously all this space would have just been utilised as a car park. I often think how people would get to the location without the use of cars. But there are car spaces available and it's central location is placed where kids can walk, ride or catch public transport.

This also reduces the times mums and dads spend on driving large distances and gives them more time to focus on what needs to be done at home or more leisure time. We rode our bikes here and it only took 10minutes and were on the outskirts of this city.


The bike paths are all paved, opened and blended into the natural environment, I'm not sure how I feel about the concrete pavements they make great working tracks but expensive, require maintenance and take away from the natural beauty. I have been noticing that more areas are starting to utilise crushed rock which is compressed.

Residents are still able to ride bikes and push prams with ease and walking is great however roller blading and roller skates become hindered on crushed rock. I'd anticipate a blending of the two would be great to help support a natural environment with concrete being used more in the city locations.


The modernist architecture design continues with the lake which I have previously provided a blog post on in regards to its water treatment through pools and drainage capturing chemicals and rubbish and cleaning it prior to returning to the environment.

However, the homes developed by developers around the lake are of the same modernist architecture design and add the the look and feel of the community which helps build on its character.

The construction of the homes does increase however you can still locate cheaper building companies that will build to this standard at a lower cost. I believe the main homes were all hous and land packages though and this was done to maintain the neighbourhood character.


The main streets have larger building set back which allow for outdoor dining and the planting of maple trees provides a beautiful setting for walks, rides and family outings.

I'm not completely sold on the use of non native trees, they do tend to enhance areas as they provide an exotic look and feel however, deciduous trees are really annoying in autumn/fall which we are heading into now. I feel that once they drop their leaves they make the area look cold and harsh and remove colour from the area.

I suppose this provides the opportunity for the buildings to take centre stage and showcase their architecture and design to the world.

Modernist artwork is placed all over the community and I will do a sperate post on the pieces of art scattered around the city with many sculptures absolutely beautiful, some over 10 years old since the cities development but still relevant and beautiful today.

I have noticed that today's are work are being built with steel and the appearance of rust is being used. This style is being utilised in sound barriers and walls that separate highways. I remember when it was being first rolled out I wasn't a fan but it is starting to grow on me.

There are also a number of highrise apartments and hotels in the area as well as a gaming and entertainment venue with bars and live music scene.

I love that the private/public partnership has delivered, it is quite pricey to live here but it is far cheaper than the inner city where housing is 5x+ the cost for the exact same thing that is on offer here. But here it is modernist architecture and design which, I like alot better compared to post modern, international and brutalisim which is on offer in the CBD.

I hope you enjoyed my post, please stay tuned as I share more of the beautiful architecture and design on offer.

Have a lovely day!


That's a wonderful development, I really liked the sign boards though it speaks modernism and minimalism!
Wonderful blog. keep flourishing:)

Hello @melbourneswest, just dropping by to congratulate you. What a fascinating urban community! The developers did a wonderful job in just a span of 10 years to provide various amenities that would benefit and enhance the lives of its residents. Great post!

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Thank you, I've been following up abit more on who the architects were and what made them invest at this level. No cheap initiation and it would have been someone who would have wanted to make a name for themselves

That's an urban marvel. Loved the modern look and the place, It has a lot to offer. great post.

Thank you, it truly is beautiful here. It is reflective in the house prices $1m for a nice modernist home. There are cheaper options available but they get smaller

That's right @melbourneswest! Enjoying your city's architectural offerings is a great escape from the domestic troubles your personal house development is suffering from at the moment. On the other hand, you're simply blessed to be living in a metropolis with a modernist touch, and with all the amenities other urban areas would die for. Are there any existing buildings there designed by world-renowned Architects?

Thats an interesting question I did try googling but nothing comes up other than the developers lendlease. I'll have to do abit more digging.

Yes it's a fantastic community to be residing in and a great escape from out current troubles.


Closer view


Further back view

interesting place