Encroachments and further drama's but let's focus on the good


Arghhhh! Monday and I'm already stressing out for the work they is on its way, I have been battling my neighbours builders since Nov from rubbish dumping, trespassing and now encroachments. The encroachment is by far the worst situation I am in and I feel that I have seen it coming the whole time and with all my efforts was still unable to prevent it.

I'm having issues with the bank now as they won't fund the project until the site is corrected as the encroachment is of concern to them and as per my re establishment Surveying report it also puts me at a risk of adverse possession.

It turns out it wasn't just the building but also the fence which is on my property, my neighbours builders have claimed an entire slither of land off me and build on my block. In Melbourne terms that is huge as my land is only 14m width by 33.5 length. The home I am building fits width wise perfectly, so the encroachment will put me out and delay my construction which means more money wasted on rent and after selling my previous house this will eat into my money which I don't have! Arghhhh I just want to run away.


I went for an escape the other day and needed to burn off some of the anxiousness and anger so powered around my community on my mountain bike. One thing I really enjoy about the area is the investment in public art. Public art is a controversial topic as it's hard to find a piece that is to everyone's liking and people don't always like Governments in what they believe is wasting money on art.

I enjoy art, it adds to the community look and feel and removes the barrenness and also provides iconic views that are enjoyable. You can also make a day of it riding around the area looking for art works that are scattered around. With a young family this is really fun to do. I'll often put little miss on the back of my back we'll go around exploring and finding what's around the area.


The current them in Melbourne, Victoria is a move away from colour as we previously had a lot of colourful plastics and some cast iron odd looking sculptures. Currently the in design is a rusted iron ore kind of look. At first I wasn't a fan of it as I remember it first emerged about 8 years ago where an artist designed a sound barrier opposite my home for a rail line upgrade. Instead of the bacis concrete wall or later insulated plastic/PVC a steel barrier emerged. It wasn't smooth it had ridges.


Also in the source link is the uproar 7 years ago from local residents expressed their anger at the fences calling them an eye sore. The colourbond fences were specifically designed by engineers at
LEE GROUP for Government roads and rail lines to block sound from causing issues with residents along high traffic areas due to noise complaints.

I'm not certain where the rustic look came from but I remember I wasn't a fan of it at the time either, this early model also had splashes of colour which further added to what I labelled at the time also as ugly.

But as time has gone by it actually blends in perfectly amongst the Australian scenery as our soil is red in colour almost matching these barriers. Once trees and plants grow it looks quite nice.


Fast forward a few years and we now have widespread adoption and acceptance of the colour and style amongst many Melbourne communities further away from where it first emerged in Ardeer an inner west suburb of Melbourne.

More and more art works are scattered across parks and I'm not sure if it's the same designer or more artists are adopting the rusted iron look. But it does seem to fit and does have a beautiful looking alure to it.

They sculptures are also getting larger which is showing significant investment in art in the community. Alot of this art is at the home owners expenses as when you purchase your land it is incorporated into the land price. I'm happy to have purchased my land in an area which will exhibit such art works.


That doesn't come without saying that the area is without colour there are other pieces amongst the scenery which include colour which lifts the area. The enormous size of the sculptures are truly amazing and something to stop and look at. Taller than some of the 100 year old trees.

I quite enjoy the scenery and the added art in the community not only does it add to the appeal but adds to a vibrant community. One that people can take pride and enjoy while they go about their business or exercising.

I hope you enjoyed this post and me sharing my wonderful community with you and I welcome you're feed back and comments.

Have a lovely day!


"Currently the in design is a rusted iron ore kind of look. At first I wasn't a fan of it as I remember it first emerged about 8 years ago where an artist-designed a sound barrier opposite my home for a rail line upgrade... the uproar 7 years ago from local residents expressed their anger at the fences calling them an eye sore. "

Interesting you noted that. Change is sometimes hard to accept initially. I can see why it blended the landscape well although I'm personally not fond of the rust-look either. Is the sound barrier effective?

I can't imagine the stress you're in at the moment. Sorry to hear you're going through that.

Ah! I know so many things going on and there are so many issues it really hurts my head to think at times.

Change is always hard and unwelcoming at the start but people tend to warm upto it eventually. The sound barriers are really effective. I used to live across the road from that train line and many times I would be woken at 1am by a train horn. Once installed as population increased and more people complained they came out with a ridged design as the train line is narrow and flat surfaces cause sound to bounce and echo.

The ridges broke the sound waves up and significantly reduced the sound. Very good design.

So cool that the sound barriers they have designed work well! Hope everything works out well for you in your project.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Artwork adds life in the area. Art admirers tend to bend their perspective very rarely but as passage of time brings in more acceptance. Also that situation is such an headache I really hope you get off this problem as soon as possible.
Hope you have a lovely week:)

Thank you, you too.

Yes it definitely helps over time people warm upto the art and it becomes accepted and admired. It will be interesting in the future to see what people's thoughts on all the art is.

Admiring artworks and being shielded from the daily noise of traffic in your neighborhood are excellent escapes from the current troubles you have with your house construction. As the field of arts is a subjective industry, not everyone will support the same opinions of the various styles they exhibit, whether painted, rusty, colored, or presented in an out-of-this-world fashion. It's certainly a great sigh of relief to be able to take a breather anytime you want due to the instant availability of valuable amenities in your community. Hoping for the best on the swift solution for your dispute.

Thank you yes it was absolutely beautiful escape to be able to go exploring amongst the art work. I have found some pre rusted look art work. It was those spikes but in stainless steel look.

Thank you for the support

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Oh that problem has still got no solution, Really sad. What a headache It turns out to be, By the way that art just rejuvenates the city also those rustic sculptures are kind of acquired taste.

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