Losing Credits To It's Purpose - Flawed Use Case For A Structure

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We've talked about an ideal home, an awesome church structure and all came to an agreement based on its either perfect and befitting structures. So then, it is only normal that critics must also be applied when dealing with raised blocks serving numerous purposes, that is Merging its structure with its purpose.


It's a simple structure, not much fancy attachments, just a two story building laying there, straight up and causing no trouble. After service yesterday, I took a short run downhill from my location. The weather was all good and favorable to stick out and have a comfortable evening outing. Along the way as usual, what's worth the space of my gallery surely gets there. So at first glance, I loved this structure, it definitely sends a message that I suppose you've guessed what this building is used for?

Is it a church? Well it's up to you to guess before I tell you :)

Blocks, glass windows, tiles, iron doors and protectors, sounds like an apartment for renting? Well when I looked at it the more, I pondered on what actually was its purpose, because looking at its location pretty close to the highway, I could only imagine how much pretonige it would get if it was a business place, so now let's take a look at an ancient black and white edit to see what it all looks like…


OK, the house is actually in an odd environment from a different perspective with that two floors raised. If you dig the horror genre of movies, you've probably seen similar structures, sometimes they are haunted houses, some old museums, yep it sure looks like a tiny museum, but in all it's most relatable to a mini library! Yep, if you guess a library then we think in the same direction, but here's a spoiler, it really isn't a library, hahaha, that's why I proposed that it's purpose tend not to fit its structure, and then digging it's location makes it really odd!

If it were a library I would head there everyday, even though I don't read books much, I'd just go there for that purpose of digging up some horror novels that most likely have a movie version, and also for the purpose of taking a few clicks of its office space. But then, it really isn't a library, even though it's structure sure presents it as one, so then, you'd ask, what then is the structure standing all there?

OK, I would just love to add some fence around this building for a reason you'd derive in the next click and explanation.



You may be wondering why including this clicks? Well if you followed closely, I mentioned before how the structure was close to the highway, yes, this is the highway with really not safe ends, and in it we see large moving trucks and now we ask if it's a risk to the building?

One more look :


It's A School :(

Surprised right?

Not to be a hater or a business spoiler, but this supposed education center should literally be shut down! Starting from the building structure, I really don't get why the owner decided to make it a school, because I am quite sure that it wasn't always gonna be a school from the start. It looks nothing like a school, sure it's just for primary education, but it's still not suitable. I wonder what the inside looks like and if it's really convenient to be acknowledged as a learning environment, oh wait, it could never be convenient, and here's why:

For a school built and not fenced round for protection, two things are involved, and that is Distraction and Security Risk! An environment where large moving vehicles rule both the day and night, it is unlikely to get a child focused on his studies, because the sound coming as these vehicles pass by is really disturbing even for a grown up. And then we talk about the safety of these kids. The structure is built really close to the highway, and it's really not safe as though children will be children and go play running round the whole place, and what happens if one dashes to the highway? A tragic ending obviously!

Sometimes good structures are raised perfectly, that one couldn't get to draw a flaw about them. But then when the purpose is not befitting for its looks, then the entire project becomes a joke, and this structure is nothing less than a joke putting people's kids in risk, all in the name of Education, not cool at all…!

Thanks for reading this far, I bet you totally agree to my views on this, but nevertheless, all comments are most welcomed


I agree, sometimes buildings do appear mysterious and arouse our curiosity! Plus, your review of this school facility has many valid points. Education should not be taken for granted, let alone the type of built environment designed to serve students with better-quality learning experiences.

Thank you @badbitch for your style of "Reaction Posts" for architecture. Keep posting this type of content to invite and engage more social conversations in our community.

Thank you Sir, am much glad you like my contents and I'll definitely keep bringing them in.

It was really disturbing to discover a school could be placed in such location, wasn't really funny at all...

Hello @badbitch, just dropping by to congratulate you for highlighting critical issues when re-purposing existing buildings and design considerations for educational spaces. Great post!

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Thank you this 🤗 much, I really appreciate

It was a pleasure! Enjoy your day!

Speaking of this building, I must agree on some points made here. Yea this really isn't really safe for a school considering its location, the risk involved is high being that the building has no fence around it.
I am also certain the building wasn't initially intended or design for a school, except otherwise. But it a nice building anyways and I can imagine how lovely this would look when painted

Yeah, it definitely wasn't meant to be a school, the structure is all perfect but the purpose it's serving is quite disturbing...

Such buildings should not made fit for kids You are right that they don't serve the purpose as they we intended foe while building them.

Exactly, it's a nice house just that the location is obviously not suitable to be acknowledge as a learning environment for kids.