The Application of Stones to Land at Countryside House to Save Maintenance Costs


Weeds are the biggest enemy in the countryside house. As always is. My house has a lot of land with the exposed ground.

Recently, I've started thinking about solutions for the fields in my house that are always overgrown with weeds. I always put extra effort into removing the grass. I also often pay a gardener to clean the grass in my house.

Because I am in a fairly fertile countryside, the weeds can easily and quickly grow again in the land around my house. So it will waste my money.

I started thinking about buying stones to cover the land in my house area. I think it saves more and will create beautiful new shapes in my house. Instead, I have to pay the gardener frequently just to clean the grass.

Controlling Wild Grass and Avoid Flooding


Having a residence in the countryside and in tropical areas like Indonesia must be prepared for flooding during the rainy season.

The application of rocks is very helpful to control excessive water entering the land.

The rocks will make the ground sturdier and create a more artsy and neat impression.

So the application of stones to the design of land for houses in the countryside is very helpful to save money in maintaining the cleanliness of the land, especially for the beauty of the yard in front of the house.

Tips for Economical Stones Selection

No need to worry about the selection of stones in the countryside. In fact, the land design of the house in the countryside is better natural, so it is more connected to the naturalness of the area. This makes countryside house owners save more on the cost of buying stones.

There are several types of stone that are popularly used for land in the countryside.

Pea Gravel


For large areas of land that homeowners don't use too often, for example for parking areas or backyards and sides of houses for drying clothes, we can use the “pea gravel” rock type which is small and cheap.

We can compress Pea gravel on land by giving it a more composition.

Also, combining Pea gravel with flagstone-type stones is a good idea. Use flagstone for the pathway and the rest use Pea gravel on the land to save costs.


Pea gravel also has several attractive colors such as brown and white so that your land is not monotonous.

Pea gravel is highly recommended for use on land in the countryside, which is usually large and not used for daily activities.

So the application of Pea gravel will help save on land maintenance costs, and avoid flooding during the rainy season for tropical areas.

River Rocks


River rocks are bigger than Pea gravel. In addition, river rocks have an inconsistent shape compared to pea gravel.

If lucky, you can collect some river rocks from the river in the countryside close to your house.

River rocks usually cost less. We can apply river rocks to the dividing spaces.


Applying river rocks to land isn't a bad idea either. But make sure you don't apply the river rocks to the whole area. More precisely, you can create several paths to define pedestrian areas on your residential land. River rocks can serve as a substitute for flagstone for a more economical pathway.


That was my short discussion about the application of stones to countryside land to save maintenance costs and as a solution to controlling weeds and floods during the rainy season in the tropics. Hopefully my article this time provides new insights for you.


I hope I can apply Pea gravel to some spaces in my home soon. I have no time left to handle the crazy weeds that grow on my land.

Thank yo so much for reading my post.


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This is a practical and cost-effective solution we used on our walkway. We used river rock with smaller gravel and it slowed down and even stopped the growth of weeds without having to concrete it. Being in the tropical countryside, it rains often. Our problem was that the clay soil became muddy & sticky when it rained and this solved it.

I was thinking about this solution a couple of days ago after I feel tired to clean the land and pay for gardeners 😁

Thanks for stopping by ❤️

I can imagine how tiring it must have been to clean and maintain. Great ideas come in unexpected times 😁

Indeed! Great ideas are random stuffs 🤣

The weeds need to behave. Lol!The place is really beautiful though.