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RE: My favorite, Bohemian Rhapsody🎤[ESP-ENG]

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A fellow Queen fan! After their biopic movie I became a huge fan, I even went to a Queen concert in Japan early this year! I love fan trivia 🤩

If I may add to the trivia, the other members loved the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody but they only heard the first part (Mama, just killed a man..). They had no idea how the operatic section would be formed. It was just all in Freddie's head. The rest of the members just followed his ridiculous instructions, singing high pitch and low pitch tunes! Haha!

They went beyond the rock genre. They were bold and that's why I look up to them. Definitely the best band of all time 💯


Wowwww what a great way to get a Queen fan around here. That makes me very happy. There's really a lot to be said for them as a band and for Freddy in particular as an integral artist, as a musician in particular, his way of handling the audience at will and always seeking to innovate without sounding out of place. Thanks for your comment.