Bonus Riff of the week: End of Heartache

in HIVESICIANSlast month

What's up, you bunch of grease machines? I was going to be recording some new little riffs of the week today, however, my cable died and I won't be able to snag another one until Friday at the earliest. So, I decided I'd just do an early bonus thing and took the initial riff I uploaded several months ago and added some visual effect for it instead of just using a picture of my guitar like a fucking caveman. Seriously, I was a braindead fuck apparently when I was uploading this originally. Listening back to this, I've also realized that I think I'm going to re-record this and make it a bit longer, especially since I had/have a good backing track for it. Plus, I have a more killswitch sounding guitar tone these days compared to back when I had just picked up my amp.

Anyways, this is the first time I'm posting this to the Hivesicians community, and for any of the 3 people who listened to this before, at least you have a fun effect to erode your corneas to this time around.

But, until next time, dood's.



Solid playing. Love that band, man. And this track is a banger!!

I've not listened to any of their newer stuff, maybe I should sometime. Teenage me just had a boner for them back around 2004, when I was listening to nothing but metalcore and deathcore music.

Their newer stuff doesn't have the dirty edge or the hooks of the old. I'm more of a fan of the old stuff as well. I was a proud man when I learned Rose of Sharyn!