Weekly News Update (January 2021 - Week 1)


Oi! It’s time for another Solairitas Weekly News Update; the first of the new year!!

Lots going on this week! We had some major sales, got some new tokens, I increased my delegation, and we are expanding our dCity!

Sadly, we did lose a few members, and the buy order I had placed got sold out. I have placed another standing buy order for 10 SOL at .9 HIVE to offer a better opportunity to leave, should anyone wish to do so.

On the flip side, we sold a whopping 97 SOL! ☀️ Shout out to to @cadawg and @khan.dayyanz beefing up their stake and @eirik who’s back in the 50% tier again. 😁

Solairibot continues to do its thing. It now has 181.712 HP on its own and will be released for testing soon™️. For the time being, it will keep on trailing, but it’s definitely growing faster now.

Solairibot has always been meant to be a backup in case anyone took exception to the Project’s use of the rewards pool and started downvoting.

Regardless, as it continues to grow, it may be fun to add it as an additional bonus for people to call. Again, the primary barrier there is the necessity for a server to be running and listening to the chain at all times. I’m looking to run a witness node, so I might be able to have it running on that machine, we’ll have to see.

I welcome any who would like to trail The Project, as it benefits all our members and you get to keep all the curation rewards! There’s a quick link down below.

We are still saving HBD and are currently at 8.628 HBD. While my intention had been to submit a funding proposal, once again looking at those that are and those that are not being funded, I am abandoning this idea.

The more that I read and hear about it, delegating to leo.voter seems to be a very smart option to consider. I checked, just recently, and our savings amounts to about 71 HIVE. This doesn’t end up being very much, proportionally, but any passive return is bonus to help us grow.

We still have an ad running on giftgiver.site (@giftgiver) which delegates and offers a faucet to small HP accounts.


Our dCity is growing quite rapidly. We accrued enough SIM to buy a Job Center and a Basic Home to populate it. I also purchased yet another Bank and Apartment which has increased our daily SIM income another thirty percent. We now receive about six cents (half a HIVE) each day from our city, at least at the current rates! This is by far the fastest returning investment we have. 🤑

For the time being, I will put all the SIM toward building our income, perhaps for the first month or two, but once we have a solid flow, I’ll split half to sell and power up. 😁


We also receive additional SIM from our BRO holdings, from TAN (extra thanks to @cwow2 who’s been hooking us up! 👍), and now from Dhedge as well!

As of yet we still haven’t seen any return from the LBI tokens I purchased, but after some research, it appears that the LEO distributions won’t begin until sometime this month.

I have also begun unstaking another 422,000 SPORTS that I plan to stake to the Project. Another additional sixty thousand or so have been staked this week, pushing us solidly up over two million tokens, almost two and a quarter! This should be an added boon to anyone who posts ActiFit regularly, especially since the price has been rising significantly lately!

Additionally, I continue to stake my LEO to the Project. In the past I had staked it to myself since the Project posts in leofinance and so I could give it greater curation rewards. However, I want to provide as much value as I can to token holders, so I’m beefing the Project’s stake now instead.

I also invested in 200 Dhedge for the Project. This means we now receive drips of all kinds of tokens. I think the return is around 15% per year, but that does depend on a demand to be present for the tokens on H-E.

We also got INCOME tokens which finally moved over from Steem! These aren’t guaranteed income every day, but we’ve already received a couple HIVE divvies just in the first few days since the transition. Moar Power!!!!

Please be aware that no tokens have ever been purchased with funds from SOL token sales, nor have SOL token sales ever been used to buy back tokens. As promised, proceeds from sales have been and always will be powered up to grow our vote or be used to build the physical Project.

VP continues to remain stable in the high nineties and is often idle at 100%. This means we have room to add new members (even at low tiers). 🤩

Current Status:







HE Balances:








Weekly sales total: 97 SOL

Current HP: 3,472.120 + 5,016.020 (.077 HTU 100%)

Solairibot HP: 181.712 + 2,015.018 (.020 HTU 100%)

Number of token holders: 56

Number of tokens held: 2229 + 9906

Phase: 2/8

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Good to hear we are selling some Tokens again :D

Tan stopped their "mining" call service, so I wont be able to do that anymore :c


I’d like to be part of the project, at least as soon as I have some liquidity to buy SOL. For me, these kind of iniciatives are quite inspiring.

See you soon!

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Thanks for the update, wonder if it might be worth using the HBD to purchase more for Dcity to grow it more?


Great to see it.
Good to see the dcity grow, but do not that those banaks have chance of being robbed each day, and can loss 150SIM income per day if robbed. As the city is small it isn't recommended to add buildings which can be robbed like shopping malls, banks and casinos.

For starters best buildings are Farms, Hotels, Ad Agency, Forest, Stadium to get good income. Farms income can be boosted by having GMO farming tech. Better stack up farms, ad agency and forests as they need less workers so need less population.

As far as the project is going, it's great to see it progressing. I'd like you to join neoxian city discord. That's a great community, and introduce yourself. A little bit engagement with them can help you sale more tokens. Also talk to Ray a d propose your idea and may be he can spare a few BROs for you.

You know engagement is they key. If this account is also used in engaging leofinance comments, that will also help marketing. Comments on related posts will help more visibility and Earns you Leo as well.