CBI Token Update Day 10 (150steemp Jackpot)

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Buyback price 0.116

Number of CBI 10000
Bought back 2000
Remaining 8000

No change in buyback price
Finally we have bought back some token

Key notes:
Increase in steem power 336
Leased power increase 6735 (plus pending orders)
UFM 50000
Leo holdings 3100
Neo 7000 (10000 staked)
Epic 8m
Gamer 15m

Feel free to check wallet for all other tokens held

In a nutshell everything has increased.

Ufm lotto/rains/dividends

Ufm price is stable
Lotto broke the record for number of tickets bought. Over 7000 tickets. The progressive Steemp Jackpot now stands at a whopping 150+ Steemp.
All it takes is 0.1steemp to trigger it.
There was a flood in terms of rains in the discord server and they are absolutely free. Just have to join the discord.
Roulette is live and kicking, how to play can be found in discord
Dividends!!! Yes just for staking UFM you now recieve dividends daily.

Have you joined the discord?
Do you stake Ufm?
Do you want any changes?
What other features do you want?
Or any other question you want to ask or answer feel free on the comments below.

Bounty is set on this post and just by leaving a comment you get a share when the post pays out.

Feel free to sell at 16% profit
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I can see some has bought tokens at a higher price than the initial 0.1 set price.
Please DO NOT buy at current prices.
If you have and didnt realise how it worked please leave a message or hold til the end and i will come to a resolution.


Nice! I may learn how this all works yet!

It complicated for about a minute then it all makes sense once explained lol Your a quick learner so that less than a minute for you

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I need more UFM, 14k atm and the divs are nice.
I can't wait to see the new stuff for the next CBI round. Here and there I already read a bit about it on discord xD
So if you are looking for SP for the next round I can delegate some

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Du erhieltest aufgrund deiner LanaCharleenToken Miner ein Upvote von @sebescen81 alt-Text
Vielen lieben Dank für euren Support. Der Account meiner Tochter wächst und gedeiht.

Yes we are that would be brilliant for cbi.
Ufm is going crazy good too and the introduction of the divs I don't see many people not staking, which is great

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Just joined the discord. Cool that I can stake ufm and get daily steemp

Yeah you sure can. I have around 50k and Recieved around 5steemp on one account if im not mistaken which is incredible

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I feel like going higher !! :D I think I sold already 80 tokens at 0.12

I still hold 100 tokens

We could se a little more hold on for few days see what happens just don't buy any whatever you do just sell

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Amazing initiative!

I am looking forward to buy some with optimum price :)

Make sure you don't buy any now we are in buyback mode so they will be available soon after they are all bought back. Thank you for joining the discord

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allright... thank you

Doing great! looking forward to next months as well!

Yeah couldn't agree more. Everything's going in the right direction you must be killing it with the divs

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Where can I learn more about the CBI token? It looks like it's on the rise.

Keep a watch on @votebetting, its his baby.

Have a look through the posts but please do not buy as it is buyback stage. They will be reissue soon after. Feel free to pop into discord can give you some more info there

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But, someone might think you will go even higher ;-)

They may indeed but I also don't want anyone to lose out lol

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I am quite excited by the constantly improving UFM div system! Keep up the great work, looks like you are stacking some nice assets behind this project.

I'm buzzing about ufm. Loving everything we are doing can't honestly find a negative I'm sure there will be that's life but not found one yet.
CBI holdings are growing day by day could do with some more income token 😉

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Thanks for curating my post, I like your chances of getting in front of some bigger votes, at least I hope so. Keep up the awesome work on CBI, I hope to somehow get involved with it in the future!

Thank you and the plan is to curate quality and you fall in that category tou as well as alot of other should be getting alot more in rewards for there effort let's see if we can change that 👍

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It really seems like you know what you're doing :)

I hope so lol. The plans are just simple but we always get obsticles due the way steem is but all we can do is keep trying to improve it. Hope you have some ufm Staked and feel free pop into the discord when your free

Most of the time I'm in bed, because l have the flu 🤒

Even more reason to hang about in the discord and pick up free tokens always makes me feel better lol
Get well soon

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Yes, I also see people who just come on the market, see the prices and then take a punt without the minimum of due diligence - not even that, just checking how the token actually works. Even in BIG CAPS on the info popup, people don't seem to even read that!
Anyway, good progress!

Yep there are so many scam tokens there and people are buying them because the creators pushed them into the top10... My personal highlight is atm SBC, it's clearly just a scam token ...

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I have plenty of non-scam tokens - just follow the breadcrumb trail................

No no star is the shining light it's only got one buyer the guy him self lol its been top 3 forever. He must just buy and sell to himself to keep that volume bless him he is trying lol

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To be fair the person that did buy em bought coz of be but before I fully explained so someone made 20% in 24 hours. But to be fair I have bought some shit my wallet is rammed. I'm gonna build up power and downvote the creator's to shit til they buy em back lol

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Thanks, this looks like another early finish :-)


Yeah im kinda itching to get on with the next stage I think it's gonna be epic

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Congratulations @accelerator, 24.47% upvote has been shared with your successful call on the post that shared by @votebetting!

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Is that a hint that you're not expecting the price exceed what they have been purchased at?

It's already 17% above what they were bought except a handful that someone bought not understanding how it worked but I will sort them out as a gesture. If you interested in buying buy at next stage in a week or so not now

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I haven't participated in the lotto in some time.

I will need to correct that soon.

Yesterday 7000 tickets sold today should be close if not more only takes one to win pot a big. Total is over massive worth buying a few every day

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I believed in UFM when it first came out. It was undervalued and underappreciated, but I've watched it become something amazing, right before my very eyes!

From five months ago:

Wow that's cool. I bought at launch but because nothing happened just ignored it and staked the tokens as a 3rd tag. I only went into the discord by accident saw a lotto and stayed there. First day I played was a new record then madstacks turned up then others and the records keep falling and the token price keep rising

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Will buy back price increase

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I think we have one final one no promises

@votebetting, Can we expect for UFM Delegation Feature any soon?

Have a great time ahead and stay blessed.

It is something being considered and we should know either way by the end of the month

Thank you for your kind response and for this update. 🙂

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I am very looking forward to next round !

It will be huge

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Accounts with staked UFM get steem? I have some ufm but less than 100

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You will still recieve dividends in steemp. Get buying Ufm while it's still cheap and staking the divs will only grow as things start picking up

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Alright, thanks for the info