UpFundMe Update: Automated Voting Turned Off - Stake Based Dividends - Steempeak - Lotto Update

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Due to us being targeted by @ctime, we have decided it was time to make a change with how we hand out our voting power. This brings an end to stake based voting, and the beginning of better curated content for upfund.me / steemit.

From this point forward, all voting from our accounts will be initiated by a selected group of highly trained humans. Human voting (or manual curation) will be monitored by more highly trained humans to ensure proper voting techniques are used.

An evil robot (more commonly known as a vote trail) will be used to group our SP from UFM related accounts, however all voting will be manually initiated by a real human.

Stake Based Dividends:

With stake based voting becoming a thing of the past, stake based dividends will see accelerated development over the next few weeks.

Tokens will be added to our (manual) curation account and will provide these dividends.

Dividends will be paid in the form of STEEMp and a few other selected tribe tokens.

A portion of curation will go towards our ufm-lotto for instant win prizes.

UFM-Lotto Updates:

More instant win prizes have been added:

  • UNTAMED Booster Packs
  • DEC
  • UFM
  • TMPS
  • STEEMp

    More instant win prizes may be added over time. You can find more info about the lotto including how to play and where to see the results here.

Odds of triggering an instant win are now 1 in 6.

Steempeak Integration:

Steempeak is the best front end available for steemit right now, and we are quite proud to announce that we will be integrating UFM into that front end. This will mean UFM vote amounts will be shown to anyone viewing blogs on steempeak.com!

The 1000 ENG fee has been paid and we are just waiting on Steem-Engine to turn it on. This may take a few days as they get ready for and launch NFTs.

We have also staked more ENG to get ready for an increase in active users.

The UpFundMe tribe is supported (in part) by the TaskManager Promotion Service, our UpFundMe Lotto and also the witness @untersatz. Click here to upvote this witness.


Hey, I didn't have @untersatz in my witness vote list, but now I do! Thanks for this great community! :)

Thank you for keeping the flame burning even in the dark night of the crypto winter! I actually think it might be spring, but the ground hogs haven't noticed yet....

I would be very interested in an official post about TMPS and the relationship of this promotional service with UFM - poke me if you do one and I don't notice...

It is my strong belief that by working with builders we will be able to make BIG things possible into the future - Keep up the great work!

Flame burning even in the dark night .... :)

good one @ecoinstant :)

That is downright poetic!

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Thanks for the update, and good to see that progress in design is also having an effect on market price.


Dear @upfundme

I'm not sure why would ctime target you guys, since you've very little SP and for that reason, whatever you do - it doesn't really have much impact on steem.

Or perhaps I'm wrong and you do have some solid resources? I just bumped into your profile a moment ago and I'm seriously not sure.

Anyway I wish you all success and hopefully you will stop being a target for downvotes.
Yours, Piotr

Lots of good news - except the ctime part of course.
All these formally "successful" voting bot owners are going crazy now because their business model is dead.
But I'm pretty sure your changes/improvements will make it!

Good development!


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If I delegate to UpfundMe, what do I get in return? :D