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GP (Governance Power)

Archon and Archon Miners have a hidden function called GP, or governance power. GP is at the core of all Archon governance actions.

User's GP = (((staked ARCHON / total staked archon) / 2) * 100) + (((ARCHONM Bal / Total active ARCHONM) / 2) *100)

(ignored accounts are removed from totals for GP calculation)

A lot of our "layer-ware" depends on tracking votes from Archon Users with more than 0.001 GP and triggering certain actions under certain conditions.

Users under this amount can still partake in governance actions, and their votes will be counted, but having 0.001 GP or more allows them to trigger these actions with their own votes instead of depending on users with more GP.

GP uses are still expanding, stay tuned for updates on uses.

Archon Proposals

Archon proposals are a way for users to propose certain actions for the Archon tribe, Archon Miner settings, and any actions for the governance account (@archon-gov). Proposals are binary and must outline a simple Yes or No option.

Proposals are great for:

  • changing tribe settings
  • buying or selling tokens on @archon-gov account
  • setting or changing options for governance actions
  • any action that requires the use of @archon-gov's active keys
  • actions that require the use of @archon-gov's posting key (except core "layer-ware" functions like claiming funds or auto-posting replies for proposals)
  • setting or changing fees for tribe features
  • proposing collaborations
  • burning part of governance fund ARCHON or ARCHONM balance
  • refunding HIVE or HBD from @archon-gov to Archon users (based on GP)
  • turning off or on @null account mining (currently on, miners in @null account can still mine ARCHON rewards, but has 0 GP)
  • banning a user (special case, currently requires > 61% overall GP to pass)
  • proposing changes to "layer-ware" (or layer-ware settings)
  • insert thing I haven't thought of yet here

Proposals are not good for:

  • requesting account actions on any account other than @archon-gov unless new accounts are added under GP control (like Archon City, a planned Dcity account controlled, shared and governed by Archon GP). Petitions can be used to request account actions from accounts not under GP control. If the account has Archon "layer-ware" running on it, you can propose changes to "layer-ware" settings instead.
  • requesting actions that force another person to work (or code) without prior permission. If your proposal requires new code to be written (and you can't/won't write it yourself), collaborate with someone and submit a team proposal, or you can petition for the changes to be made and the code written.
  • anything that can't be answered with a simple Yes or No

To create an Archon Proposal make a post on hive outlining the action(s) you wish to put to a vote, have the title begin with "Archon Proposal", use #archon and #archon-proposal, and set 100% beneficiary to @archon-gov. Once your post has been picked up by tracking (an archon user with > 0.001 GP upvotes it) a bot will automatically place a yes and no comment for users to vote on.

Screenshot from 20200805 081427.png

The 100% beneficiary "fee" for Archon Proposals and Petitions are (currently) in place to avoid users farming proposals for rewards, and to help build the governance fund.

@taskmanager (or future named parties) can veto a proposal that doesn't follow the above guidelines.

To help grow the governance fund that all Archon users have a say in, we are offering users who set a 5% beneficiary (or more) to @archon-gov, upvotes from various accounts (5 accounts and growing).

Projects like @doubledice have collaboration deals that also create donations to the governance fund and/or Archon Miner rewards.

Known Issues: (soon to be fixed, just needs a little more code)
Changing vote to 0% does not cancel GP support.
A user can vote for both yes and no (should result in cancelling each other).
It is possible for a proposal (or petition) to be missed by scanning if no Archon user with over 0.001 GP votes for the post.
Downvotes to YES/NO comments still result in 100% GP support. - (I'm leaving this to avoid people using downvotes to effect proposals, unless requested to change via proposal or a heavily supported petition, and adding in a trigger to add downvoters to a special list.)

Archon Petitions

Archon Petitions are now live and running, and are a way for users to make their will known. A petition can request any type of action (within reason), however the target of the request is not bound to comply. This does not mean they don't hold any power, for anyone would be silly to ignore a well supported petition with the will of the community behind it.

Archon Petitions are great for:

  • Requesting changes relating to side projects (like @doubledice)
  • Requesting work be done for the community
  • Requesting corrections for errors or mistakes (like this petition here)
  • Requesting new features for Archon "layer-ware"

Basically any reasonable request can be made via petition, by any user (even with 0 Archon stake)

To create an Archon petition, make a HIVE post detailing your requests and reasoning. Have the title begin with "Archon Petition", be sure to set 100% beneficiary to @archon-gov (once again to avoid farming and build governance funds) and use #archon and #archon-petition as tags.

Unlike with proposals, your vote % matters. It's not just binary, it's about a little more than caring or not caring, but it's also about how much you care...

The Governator

The Governator is one of our new discord bots. He is getting smarter and smarter every day. To get his commands, pop into #bot-central on our discord server and type in "!gov help" without the quotes.

Screenshot from 20200805 083738.png

Besides being able to get information on active petitions or proposals, The Governator can also list users by GP, display all governance funds and a few other cool things that will make more sense as he evolves.

Be sure to follow @archonapp and join our discord to keep up to date on all things Archon.


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