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RE: An Open question to all the Nigeian's of Neoxian city

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Funny enough a friend asked me today in church about this since she saw my status about it.

The simple truth is that our crooked government are just jealous of their own citizens making it with cryptocurrency because i see no reason why government cannot give or provide job opportunities to its citizens and now that those citizens has woken up to the reality of life and venture into blockchain and cryptocurrency, our government wants to stop it.

To hell with such governance! All i know is that they can't stop what has started and has already been.
I have nothing to say to them. When they are tired, they will all look for something good and do for the country.

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Yea i was surprised why they are going to ban when they can't provide enough jobs.

Don't mind our crooked country. We will still survive no matter what they try to do