You are defined by the choice you make, not the event you experience

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Have you ever went through such kind of life event where you were defined by the events you experienced? Umm confused? what am I even talking about? but wait let me make it more clear.

Sometimes in our life, we go through such events or incidents and then we being judged by those events or incidents. So what we are making choices in our life it defines who are you. So I will quote something here which I read somewhere but not remember where.

You are defined by the choice you make, not the event you experience.

But wait let me google this line. I might get its original source.

Ok I've found it I guess


So choices do have a very powerful impact on our lives. Choices show who we are as a person. Have you recently made any choice? I mean in such a pandemic situation did you make any choice that you think you are proud of?

Well, I am stuck right now. Recent difficult time really affecting me in a bad way. My favourite firm where I wanted to apply for an internship is not accepting any new applications due to this Corona. I was really down today. I still have a headache but I am trying to cool myself down chatting with friends. Today I realised how people smile while they are not really happy inside.

So the current situation is like that. I made a choice and I worked for it but what happened? End experience made it worse. Sometimes situations make us define who we are. you have to deal with what you are going through. I am really feeling bad that my plans are being extended and it is not only with me. It is same for many applicants. This year is sure the worst year of my life. Never expected that.

Meanwhile until unless we can't do we want to then I chose to read more. And doing an online search for many things. I am watching video tutorial related to my internship so when I'll be able to submit my application. I must have the knowledge and I won't sound dumb.

Time to change priorities and need to go for more creative endeavours which I had been setting aside. Time to be more contented.
I was a little upset and was having fun with my discord friends. But after writing this post I am feeling a bit better and now time to play splinterlands and dang almost 50 battles awaiting for me :P XD See y'all in next post with a new issue :P

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Aveces la iniciativa nos lleva a caminos diferentes, pero en este caso de pandemia, desgraciadamente todo queda en pausa, te dejo mi voto y te sigo.

Hello @xawi

No one knows for sure what the new day will bring, but you will agree with me that the decisions you make, set the course you will follow along the way.

It is the first paragraph I wrote this morning in a «drabble» to address a challenge within the Hive community. In this sense, I agree with the author of the Quote you point out. Take life easy, remember that decisions are made based on the options you can abstract from the circumstances around you. And with regard to happiness, the true, emanates from your interior and not from what comes through the exterior. You own your destiny despite being connected to the world.