The top five cards I used this week in Splinterlands

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Another cool splinterlands contest. Thank you so much @sayee for hosting such an awesome contest. My favourite top 5 cards that I used in this week or I love using them frequently. Some times i wonder I am addicted to these cards😂.

My Favourite top Five Card I used this week.

  • 1 Lord Arianthus
  • 2 Cocatrice
  • 3 Failed Summoner
  • 4 Screetching Vulture
  • 5 Brownie

There are two Neutral and three cards belong to earth splinter. There are plenty of my favourite cards and I use them quite often such as Cornealus. Dragon Jumper, Scale doctor etc. But the usage of these cards depends upon the nature of the rule. I use earth splinter frequently so this is why three cards are from earth splinter. When it comes to earth deck there is one more card I use so much and that's Spirit of the forest. But since you just have to mention only five cards so there is that.

Lord Arianthus

Lord Arianthus who doesn't know about this card? I guess we all and Lord Arianthus is one of the must to use card in the splinterlands if the rule is no neutral :P XD
I have a sweet memory-related this card so let me share. Once upon a time, I xawi challenged Neo sir on the field of battle. I challenged him three times and I won all three battles because of Lord Ailanthus. Before that Neo sir didn't have much interest in the Lord Arainthus but after that challenge, he purchased maxed Lord Arianthus. The memory is sweet because I made him purchase this card😂. I have an alt account everythingsmgirl. I didn't have Lord Arianthus in that account and I used to suffer a lot while playing my ranked battles. Then I decided to rent Lord Arianthus. I have maxed LA on my main account and then I leased level3 LA from Neo sir. The purpose of telling these stories is that LA is a great card and you should have this in your collection.

gif sp.gif


Another neutral card but this time it is beta edition and not reward. Yes, Cocatrice I recently maxed this card after knowing its worth. Before I had only level3 and I never bothered to upgrade this card. But when I started playing with ts-neoxian. I saw 98% big players use this card in their battles. It was quite interesting to watch how this Cocatrice was untouchable during the battles. It is failed against magic attack but due to its dodge and flying ability it is best against ranged and melee attack. So this one is at number two on the list of top five cards.

gif sp.gif

Failed Summoner

Failed Summoner is at number 3. Yes, as I mentioned up there I use earth splinter frequently that's why I use failed summoner either with Lord Arianthus or with cocatriceThis two mana card is so much useful. It has three amazing abilities. It strengthens all the friendly monsters. It has magic reflect ability and also demoralize the opponent's melee attack. The best usage of this card is in low mana battles. When Untamed edition got released and I saw failed summoner first time. I was like a most useless card in the untamed edition. Later I realised how awesome this card is. It took me a while to max mine but now I have maxed one and I am really enjoying it.

gif sp.gif

Screeching Vulture

I like this monster too much. I use it too much too :P I use this card almost in all battles. its opportunity and scavenger abilities make it more valuable. In addition to that, it has really good speed. And when you use this card along with brownie then it does wonders.

gif sp.gif


Brownie is at number five position in the top 5 list. I remember when we started getting this card in daily rewards my first thought about this monster was Why this card is an epic. But there is a saying you shouldn't judge things by their look but by actions. This one mana card is truly an epic brownie proved it. My brownie is maxed and I am glad I didn't purchase this card in order to max it. All I got from daily quest rewards. I also pulled plenty of gold foil brownies. I assume I've been quite lucky.

gif sp.gif

That's my entry for the contest The top five cards I used this week in Splinterlands. I hope you guys enjoyed reading it.


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That is a really nice selection. Tips from veteran players like you will be of so much help to all.

I think my list would look something like yours. Lord A is definitely a mist-have. I love coca too, but I mainly use it in battles where magic is not allowed - which don't occur that often, tbh.
I don't think I ever play Earth without the Failed summoner, lol - maybe only very high mana battles

Oh! Nice choices.
I would have guessed Lord A... but I'm always (pleasantly) surprised by how different most would answer this.
These are some great support cards. The only one I don't really think about (like I should) is the Failed Summoner... maybe cause his name is "Failed" and subconsciously I ignore it. 😂
Nice post!