The Season is ending and the tension is rising :P

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Heya splinter fam's

Since the season is coming to an end thus tension is rising. Sometimes I do feel like season does bring some excitement in life during this hard time we all are going through. It is always fun monitoring leaderboard and watching the battles of titans :P XD.

I got a death quest and I am currently at position 41. I will play to secure my top 50. I just played a few battles with ts-neoxian and decided to post first.
so much work is behind. I have to enter 56 battles for the tournaments. Two tournaments are going on Untamed silver shield and the silver shield where you can use all cards. Even I entered for the bronze league as well ehh, don't know if I will be playing that tournament.


Almost 17 hours left in the season. There are few players don't rest. They keep playing and playing. I don't know what they eat. I really want to know about that energy booster :P XD. In my case, if I continuously play 2 hours my mind stops working. When I do feel like now I am having a headache and I will be losing instead of winning i stop playing. My quest is no neutral on ts-neoxian and i won 2 battles. I need only one more win to complete my daily quest. I am very much determined this time. I've decided to win over my stress :P XD yes I don't play due to fear of losing but then what? I've been in top 10 even in top 3 all season then why I give up at the end of the season. And let others take that postion. Just because they are manly men and they can handle stress and I am weak in this area :P

But to be honest it is really difficult. I mean when you see your opponent is tough then it makes me think which splinter would be best to defeat my opponent. Sometimes it does work sometimes It doesn't. That's where I lose my confidence. I want to be a manly man and want to have the same kind of energy level.


Currently, I am at 13th place and i am going to face my fear, wish me, luck guys😝. Today i was chatting with a very respected person. Even he said that stress management is very important if you are playing for the leader board so just imagine I am a poor girl then😂. I was comforting him but the reality is i need this comforting more 😝. I am going guys ok hehe I am done with blahdy blah of the day see y'all in the next post😂.
I don't know why I am having no neutral quest on my all accounts. Anyways I wanted to congratulate y'all on the new update of the splinterlands. No more champion league for the silver level accounts. :P It has been fun getting in champion 2 with silver level account :P and in champion 1 with gold-level account XD. But things are going to change from the next season. Ad dice are coming too. So do accumulate decs for the dice guys.

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