Splinterlands won't let me rest in peace 😒

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Hello, splinter fam's wassup,

In the current situation when people are freaking out because of new updates by the splinterlands they are going nuts and selling their cards at crazy prices. I am buying cards like crazy.


Yes please someone tell me am I mad or what😒. Anyways it is what it is. It proves I am the true and loyal fan of this game. I started playing this game when it was totally new without knowing what I am going to invest in it or what I am going to earn back. probably I am the only one who never bothered to calculate investment and ROI so far. I keep buying my favourite cards and I am loving it. People just want to milk the system and they want to eat hot very hot. They have no patience hence they lose their mind and start selling off.
My account is making to top 50 for the past 2 seasons. It is just because I was able to buy the prince at a very cheap price. But there are some rules my account still doesn't support such as Little league, Back to basics, Common and rare. These three rules are very important in the game and you get them more often. Then I fail badly in front of maxed card hence no chance to get in the top 25.

Right now th12-moon selling cards at very cheap prices. And I am really taking advantage of this golden opportunity. I just bought a few maxed at very cheap.

Sacred Unicorn




19 BCX Magi of the forest




Defender of Truth


My next target is a peaceful giant. Magi of the forest is now level 5 before it was just level2. I only need one more defender of the truth to get it at max level. I am using credits to buy all these cards because of this I am getting sweet cashback from the monster market. I am not purchasing anything using decs because I am saving up my dec for upcoming dices. I am pretty much excited about the dices and trying to save dec as much as I can

Cash Back


Sweet cashback. I will see you guys in my next post see ya take care

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it is a rather addicting game!

This is great, I need some cards maybe I'm buying some.

this is good that some of the big fish are selling as they have been bad for growth. has alway been one of my biggest gripes is that everything is geared for the people putting big money into the game to make more screwing the little guy. hopefully splinterlands will be a little more geared towards the little guys cause without bringing in the small fish the game will never grow long term.

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Noce post, thanks for sharing