So close to 3000 LEO stake

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Heya everyone,

Two days ago when my city friend Rehan showed a screenshot in the city where I saw my Leo Vote is 0.3 something. They were saying that I have pretty good LEO vote. Also, every little thing and they start calling me rich girl:P XD. ANyways when I saw that screenshot it tempted me to power up my all liquid Leo's. I went ahead and powered up all.


After powering that up now my Leo power is 2976 LEO. Which is quite an awesome achievement. These all Leo's are either I won from different contests or I earned through posting. And Yes I have staked 30 LEOM so I sometimes get 1 Leo as a mining reward :P XD


When I wanted to power up my Leo I was told by one wise man that you already have enough Leo stake you should sell those you have in liquid form. Well I didn't listen to that wise man and I did what I wanted to :P XD I powered up because my minimum Leo stake goal is 5k Leo. It will take time but nothing is impossible. I still regret those days when I used to sell me LEO ughhh Silly me. Anyways it is what is. No matter what we should move.

Currently 1 LEO is trading at 3.6 hive/Leo which is really cool. If I have 3000 Leo stake it is clear that I have almost 9k Hive :P If I sell all my Leo I can easily achieve 10k hive power but naw I will not do that especially when Leo has more value than hive.

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Congrats mate ! Become a Whale and Upvote me xD

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thanks :P and sure

Nice Xawi. I'm nearing to 4k Leo stake and like you, I also regret selling and not purchasing LEO when the chance was there. Especially when the LEO tribe was migrating to Hive Engine from Steem. People purchased a shit load of LEO. Today the top whales on Leo are the ones who used that opportunity. Let's hope it is not too late now.

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wow yes so true Bala damn never knew that Leo will boomlike this