Sneak- Targets the last Monster on the enemy Team instead of the first Monster.

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Heya splinterfam's wassup. Yes, Carrie Allen, you are right I enjoyed a lot previous challenge so I am happy that this week challenge is my favourite again. I wonder who wouldn't love this ability?. I use this ability a lot and the most amazing fun fact of this ability is almost all the monsters those who are holding this ability are low mana monster except few. So I always use sneak attack when there is a low mana rule set. And I prefer to go with life splinter. Life splinter is especially known as a sneak. I think only the life deck has most of the sneak attackers. If I exclude Neutral ones then still life splinter takes advantage.

When and where do you put it!?

Mostly I use the sneak attack in low mana game and I prefer to use it in the second, third place respectively.

I have never put one upfront... I feel like this is bad.

I have used in the first place and I won :P. I Use sneak attack in the first place when you get only melee rule along with fog of war. It is because usually, sneak attackers have poison ability along with fast speed so it does really work well. I used Skeleton Assassin and Silvershield Assassin. They really helped me in winning against good decks.

Whenever I get the rule, monsters always hit the target I always use a sneak attack with poison.


MY Battle 🏆


battle Link

and Along with 38 Mana Cap.

My Lineup

As I mentioned up there when it is seak then I use TYRUS PALADIUM so I went with life splinter for this challenge.


I used SHIELDBEARER in the first place. In my previous post, I have discussed each and every bit about SHIELDBEARER. why did I use SHIELDBEARER in this battle? So the answer is, I was given ranged attack monster can be used in the first place so I was expecting lots of ranged attack from my opponent. And yes SHIELDBEARER has return fire ability this is why I used it in the first place.

Lord Arianthus

I used Lord Arianthus in the second place. Hehe yep Lord Arianthus is an integral part of my every battle. I only don't use in no neutral quest:P. This is why you see Lord Arianthus in my every battle. Here I used it because I was expecting a magic blast from my opponent

Angel of light

I used Angel of Light in third place. Angel of light is the best tank, it gives +1 melee to all friendly melee monsters. In addition to that most important ability Resurrect.


I used SILVER SHIELD ASSASSIN in fourth place. I used it as a sneak attack. I love this card because of its double strike and poison ability. Best ever sneak attack I'd say.


I used theLONE BOATMAN in the fifth position. It has snipe ability along with repair. So basically repairability was the main reason to use this monster.

I used AIR ELEMENTAL in the last position. This ranged attack monster is badass because of its fast speed along with powerful ranged attack. It also has dodge ability which makes it more valuable.

Did My strategy work out?

yes, 100% as you can see the result.


gif sp.gif


All gif's dividers credit goes to @splinterlands.


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Yes!!! I love this ability!!!!

I'm now trying to figure out what this week will be...

Another ability? Maybe a ruleset?! How am I to decide!?

Nice post. 🥰

Thank you Carrie. And yes we are loving this ability contest and ruleset is fine as well