Selflessness or selfishness what would you prefer?

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Sometimes when you are topicless and you don't know what to write about then still you get topic to write on anyway. I was doing my daily quests and while doing that i was peeking in the neoxian city out of my habit as usual. I saw Shirazi dropped a message with a sad face.

I could have ignored his message and would have paid attention to what I was doing but naw human nature. Out of curiosity, I asked him what happened. He mentioned Udezee in his message asking that Has he read dimpimp post? I am quite familiar with this name because of my friend Udezee so I was wondering what has happened to his post.

Then he told us people are complaining and saying sth bad to him on his post. Shirazi was telling us how Dimimp was so helpful to all of us back then but people forgot everything and complaining about what he didn't do.

My thoughts on this matter


Well, to be fair I don't consider myself that I can even put my thoughts on is such kind of thing. But I am human too and as human what I think It does matter to me. I've been listening to this for a long time that being selfish is the root of all the problem in our society. But I want to ask Really?.

Let's make it more vivid. According to my philosophy, you can't make people happy whatever you do for them. It's natural it's a human tendency you can't satisfy them. If you will do this for them they will complain about That. So why we always bother ourselves trying making them happy?

So I'd like to give an answer of my Why. It is because we like them? we love them? I only do things for those whom I like and then i don't expect anything in return. it makes me happy and I am always chill. I don't do anything for those that I know I can't make them happy and I go selfish sometimes.

Lastly, I'd say being selfish is not the root of all the problems in our so-called society and nor a success either. There are some certain moments we go through in life where you can't afford being selfish. And there are also some moments where you have to act selfishly otherwise people will walk all over you.

So we all need a healthy middle way of competition and cooperation. I hope I've made some sense and I always try to make some sense. I don't know if you guys will agree with me but it is what it is.

I will see y'all in my next post take care

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