Question of the day: What would you prefer in your life?

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Hello everyone,

If you have to choose one then what would it be? your choices are..

Arrange marriage, Love Marriage and Both(Love but arranged)

If you'd ask me what would I choose I'd go with the Both option. I wish it could be possible in my life but it seems not. I want, love but arranged marriage in my life.
Why I brought up such a topic? Well, today when we all citizens were chatting the city of Neoxian sir then suddenly burl popped up from nowhere and said happiness doesn't need money. Then Neo sir said ok if you can stay happy without money then you don't have to earn money and you can stop reacting on my giveaways too😂. After a few moments, he blurts out the reality and said his one neighbour girl is making him feel happy. I took it as quite funny and I said it means money is the first source of happiness and girls are the second :P XD. When I said this prayz came up with this logic that girls are money-sucking demons. So if you want to get rich in your life then stay away from girls. Then I gave him advice about why you guys want to have a girlfriend in your life?
If you like or love someone simply get married to that person. After marriage things change drastically. Because your wife is the partner of your worries and happiness. You can't expect this from your girlfriend. She will leave you when she will see you are broken. I believe GF and BF relation is very unreal and they are just time passing with each other for the name of so-called love. In the end, they are going to leave each other as they are using each other unless you both are very loyal and honest with each other and wants to spend all life together. I still believe if so there is no point in hanging out that relation. Come on get married with your love.

The Prayz again arises this point how come you can get married to a girl without dating her. I mean to get married to someone you don't have to date that person. His/her attitude of nature can show you who they are in real. I hope now I am making some sense. Well then burl said I want to earn 10 million Niara after that I will get married. Then I said burl go and find a nice girl for yourself. If she truly loves you she will always be there no matter what. She will be the partner of your worries and happiness. After that, you both can work for your living standard.

Then Here comes the dragon sir wisdom. He said first you need to earn money, then get married to a nice girl. Then I said you don't have to earn money in order to get married to a nice girl. I have seen many real examples where boys were nothing before their marriage and then after marriage, they proved themself pretty well.

Many were against a purely arranged marriage and alone love marriage is very risky. Yeo if you don't have family support in your love marriage then man you are going to play a big-time life gamble. I still think I am not as much mature that I can take such a huge decision on my own. Parents should be involved in the biggest decision of your life. Yes, I do belong to an old-fashioned society where once girl love someone they love with their whole heart and then try to convince their family. So, in my opinion, both are the perfect option. What do you think?

Anyways finally tiring Eid has an ended and we came back to sweet home sweet. Today when we were travelling back and entered in our city. We saw it's raining cats and dogs. After that weather was so romantic and the air seems so fresh I couldn't resist my self and took some shots.

They are just random click





See y'all in the next post take care

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That is a good question and in my opinion, both are important. If we marry just for money, then the supermarket will not give us happiness even if we buy all stuff.

If we marry only for love and there is no money, then hunger will make us fight.

So, we have to consider both love and money and take the right decision to marry the right person otherwise fights will happen after one or two years and in some cases within the first month itself.

Marry only after you feel it is the right time to settle down.

wow very nice reply sayee awesome