Noxious Fumes- All monsters start the battle poisoned

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Noxious Fumes has increased the worth of the Scarred Llama Mage

Hi there,

You can only write a post on poison topic when your own mood has been poisoned :P XD. Today has been a shit day. I was forced to attend two functions today. One was a birthday party and one was the engagement ceremony of my mama's friend son. And you know what is so funny when you are tired and you come back from office and you got to know that you have to attend those two functions and you didn't even know if there was any function. My mama had another plan but for some reason, I had to perform the duty of the driver. I entered my battles in like 10 minutes. And I wasn't thinking while entering battles. It was all like hit, submit skip type of game at that moment. And the funniest thing is today I had almost all the village people in my group. jacekw, Byza, Imperfectone, giker, Hossain etc :P XD

Well, it is what it is instead of skipping tournament it was way better to enter battles. I am glad I still qualified to the second round hussle pays sometimes ;)

Ok, I am going to talk about a newly added rule Noxious Fumes. Whenever I want to write on a specific rule or card I go to my battle chain and search for that certain rule and I get my desired battle. But today I wanted to write about Noxious Fumes and I didn't even know the name of the Rule. I kept searching for poison and I wasn't getting any battle. Then I went through my all battles and then I got to know its name is Noxious Fumes and not poison. Well done on your dumbness xawi :facepalm: and you consider yourself a player: again facepalm:

Many people don't know how to make perfect use of this rule hence I get an advantage. I will be talking about what I think when I get such a rule.
First, let me share the battle with Noxious fumes then we will talk about it.

Noxiou Fumes

Xawi vs playingtrickonyou

Playingtrickonyou lolz what a name and I wanted to know what trick did you play because I was the one who played tricks on you and won😝 ok that was a silly joke I am just trying to change my mood😂.

So ladies and gentlemen when I get such rule first I see if my earth splinter is active. Well, I check earth splinter on ts-neoxian because only that account has Llama and I don't poor me :(. Lllam is the best in this rule. Since I don't have so I go with either water splinter or if water splinter is not active then I go with life splinter. Water and life both had enough monster with cleansing ability.

Ok, when I choose my splinter then next step I do I try to set a monster in the first position which has self-healing ability. So when the back monster will cleanse the poison effect then, that most will keep healing itself and you get fair and share chances of winning.

Another coolest battle with this Rule. In a normal situation, I wouldn't dare using Kralus in that position but in this rule I did. All these are my experiments and they went in my favour.


I hope you did enjoy this post. My alahdy blahdy along with some cool splinterlands tips. I assume if you follow those two steps I mentioned, you will rock in this rule. All the best, take care.

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I totally understand 'those days'. 😂

I've not got to play a lot of battles with Noxious Fumes yet, but I have witnessed (watched) several others. It can be both amazing and... well, downright horrible. 😂

Also, Kraulus in the front?! Wuuut?! 😂
Good games.