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Yesterday, I was watching one video related new strain of Covid 19. The way he was warning about this new strain which is spreading faster than ever it took my lots of interest and I watched the same video twice. According to video year, 2020 can be a warm-up year of Covid. I mean war-up year it sounds so scary. I wonder if video makers exaggerate things? In here people hardly care. They don't even believe if virus truly exists. But the point which caught my attention video creator was showing video proofs of whatever is happening around the world. Uk has closed all airlines and other countries are following as well. Does it mean we are going to suffer again? Again we will not be able to get out of our homes? what is the solution to this deadly problem?

A couple of days ago I met a family. The lady of the house was pretending like there is no Coronavirus. They are just scaring people off. If you are scared this virus will hit you up. So don't believe in this virus you will be safe. That was a quite ridiculous theory but later I saw that lady was cleaning all handles of the door with a Dettol mix solution lolz. It means people pretend but deep down inside everyone is scared.

Things are not fine. In my office, many people affected with this virus and they are on leave. I don't feel comfortable while going outside of the house. I take a lot of precautions. Sanitiser is always in my bag. Still going outside of the house is an ultimate challenge for me :P XD

stay safe stay home. nothing is greater than your life.


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I recently lost my father. He had covid but it affects mostly the persons prone to other diseases. It really is a deadly. We need to take care of people around us and educate them. What we can do is wash our hands and hones and wear mask. And Believe in allah Almighty to protect us.

Oh, I am so sorry about your loss :( and yes you are right

Don't fear, nothing is going on. Notice how the flu is gone. If you look at the CDC numbers Corona killed the Flu and isn't even killing at the rate the Flu did, so for me it is the flu with them fearing the world population for the One World Agenda. Now you want to talk about closing everything down, they own the wealth, so they can. This is the biggest crime against humanity in the history of our time. Go about your business, feed yourself and family and try your best to navigate thru tier terrorism on humanity. In the end all you need is God, we here in this reality is just a vessel to the Kingdom. Have a blessed day......

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hmm well said shoe

got to love how much they want to push"overhyped" covid to keep the sheep huddled up and afraid, biggest scam in history

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hmm do you think its a scam?