New tournaments format what do you think about it?

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Hellooooooo Warrior's wassup?

I didn't realize until then my friend Burlarj mentioned in the city that he is not loving new tournament format. When I read his message I was like a new format? what new format. Then I went back to the tournament page and what I saw I am only playing a round 1 and after 24 hours there will be another 24 hours round.

Wait let me show you the whole scene first then we will talk about it.


What are you seeing in the above screenshot? A tournament which supposed to end in 17 hours approx right? But wait that's just Round 1. yes you are reading it correctly. After 17 hours there will be Round2 and let me show you the screenshot of Round 2


This screenshot is of the silver league. I already played Round1 and I managed to get in Round 2. Again same timing. This Round will take 17 hours to complete. I entered 14 battles in round 1 and now 14 battles in Round 2. Total 28 battles. In the previous format, we used to get total 19 battles and that's it.

My thoughts

As a good and loyal splinterlands player do I have permission to put my opinion on a table? Yes, I do believe I have so let me just say what I am feeling like atm.

To be honest I am not loving it at all. I don't want to wait for 2 days just for one tournament results. We have a life outside of the splinterlands. What if we are quarantined due to Corona Pandemic and I have enough time these days to play tournaments. I can manage this but for how many days?

These days there is monsoon season. We usually face the Internet and electricity problem. I don't live in a well-established country. I belong to a poor country where we can face such kind of issues. So if I am playing today and I've entered all the battles for the round 1 then what if I couldn't play Round2 for any reason then?
sticking in front of your PC and entering battles, putting pressure on your mind. Thinking a lot while submitting team what could be the best strategy for this rule. In the end, you are getting out without winning anything. It could cause swear heartbreak. And I might lose my interest in tournaments.

I admire what splinterlands is doing for the game. They are trying their level best to give the best to the players. I never complained about any splinterlands update, rule etc. I always welcomed them. But now this is too much. I can't cope with this 2 Rounds means 2 days one tournament format.

If you have the same kind of concerns ten let me know in the comment section. I am done with my complaints see y'all around take care

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I agree. It was tedious ENOUGH with the "first" new "anytime" tournament format, where there was little connection between picking your team and resolution of your effort within an hour or two. I was willing to acceot some of the negatives of the "single-round anytime" tournament, but this new format is totally over-the-top. I have been saying for WEEKS now that the best thing admin can do is offer BOTH the original tournament format (one tournament per day), plus ONE "anytime" tournament per day, so that everyone can have the choice to play the tournament style they prefer. I believe that this new move is going to alienate more players.

wow that would be awesome. but still there are so many greedy people they will play bit anyways :P XD