Neoxag Diesel Pool on Hive-engine Yaaay !

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Hi Neoxianfans,

A great day and big news for all the Neoxag holders and stakers. Of course, I am one of the Neoxag whales so this news is indeed mind-blowing for me. When Neo sir announced this great news in the city we all got super excited.


I didn't know before today that what is this diesel pool. I never tried to learn about this pooling stuff. But Neoxag made me take some interest in it. Yea only your favourite coin can make you learn things. I tried to search for stuff about this but I found splinterlands post regarding dec diesel pool.

What's a Diesel Pool?
Diesel Pools are the Hive-Engine equivalent of Uniswap Pools. These are liquidity pools where liquidity providers deposit both sides of a trading pair in equal value and traders are able to use the pools to move in and out of either side.source

I believe this new initiative is a stepping stone towards neoxag success. When the pool will grow it will provide more price stability for Neoxag.

I added liquidity to this pool


With the passage of time, I will be adding more liquidity to this pool. And if any of you is interested in this pool you can do this here.

Currently, there is no incentive structure for Diesel Pools but it is being built. I believe it is going to be a great success and already feeling super excited. We are going to mooooon guys what are you waiting for? come on and get on the train before you miss it XD

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Very nice! I'm not a whale but I always stake :)

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hehe nice and neoxian guild planning to host a tournament :P XD

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That's really cool! Will be interesting to see what these tribes pool can do for each tribe. Saw that PAL and Weed also added ones

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yep i think it is a great step

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That looks legit!