My city is suffering

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Hello, dcitizens,

Back to back two major problems in my city. WTH is happening.




Natural disaster and now again pandemic. I must say Dcity is getting interesting day by day. And such a cool way to earn some decent passive income without investing time, and energy. You don't feel exhausted like I do feel when I pay splinterlands. I don't invest my time as I invest in splinterlands. You don't have to put an alarm in order to play tournaments as I do in splinterlands. And the most important fact I don't invest As I invest in splinterlands.

But apart from all these comparisons, splinterlands is a game of passion, thrill and excitement and that's what matters. Unfortunately, dcity lacks such thrill and excitement hence I don't pay much attention. But due to some recent happenings, it is grabbing quite fair attention. The life of my city people is unbalanced. And every second day there is a pandemic in my city awww :( Anyways it is what it is.

Strategy changed

I recently changed my strategy regarding my unemployed people. Now instead of putting them on the market and later when I need them instead of searching and cancelling sell order, I have found a convenient way. I send my all unemployed people over to my alt account Zawarrior, Currently, my city is having 1.22% unemployment which is causing -2 income. I purchased 2 cards but no vain. It is still there.


I just transferred all homeless and brought back immigrants. In other news hosting a splinterfest event does seem a pure loss now. I hosted that event 2 days ago and I just received 2 gammers ughhhhh. I am not sure if I am going to waste my 500 decs again.

That's all progress of my city so far see y'all in next post. Happy Sunday, stay home, stay safe.

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What is your favorite dcity card?

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Hi, Thank you so much i received free Internet card from That's so generous of you :) And my favourite card is military complex :P

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ALT Cities are so necessary, being able to support your major cities in other ways. Do you plan on making your main city your super income producer and maybe working on other tokens with your ALT? I'm working on that right now xD

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Yes, I am planning the same :)

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Gamers are a passive boost for Gamer Token production in the Casinos. They should sell pretty ok, don't they?

Yes, they should

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Nice, if you created 2 Gamers, that's 3HIVE + the passive Boost during the Event. Should be dead even with the 500DEC.

Good analysis. Due to shortage of time I'm unable to play splinter lands else it is really fun and challenging, especially the tournaments. Dcity is great way to earn passive income. :) Also check out Rabona. Currently starter pack is t 50% discount and i believe this game will also require less attention. I just bought starter a few days ago and now waiting for league to start. :)

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Oh nice I've heard about it will check it thatnks

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